CRM driven messaging

Integrating messaging with your CRM allows you to generate conversations across many channels, including text messaging, Facebook and WhatsApp. It’s the easiest way to connect with your audience via their preferred channel.

The use of digital channels is growing increasingly. Sales leaders on average rate digital channels approximately twice as important now as they were even just a few months ago, according to McKinsey and Company.

As you build out a multichannel messaging strategy, the need to communicate on multiple platforms can feel overwhelming. But, by setting everything up within your current CRM, such as Salesforce or Zoho, you’ll have everything in one familiar place, giving you the ability to easily create personalized conversations across channels.

Sales leaders today are tasked with using limited resources to generate results, in an ever-changing digital landscape. Consumer habits and practices are changing constantly, so the ability to shift quickly is important. By integrating your messaging efforts with your CRM you have powerful messaging tools that can be easily adjusted. Here are some other benefits of CRM driven messaging:

1. Manage Multiple Leads at Once

Within your CRM you can invite more conversations from your audience and handle them with either automated responses or live reps. You can manage conversations across different channels all from a single inbox, so everything and every conversation is in one place. Reps don’t have to jump around different platforms. This makes all of their communications faster and it reduces the number of mistakes or misunderstandings with leads.

2. Automate Tedious Tasks

You want your reps focusing on creating personal, memorable conversations and experiences with your customers and prospects. By integrating messaging with your CRM you are able to automate tedious tasks like sending appointment reminders before calls or sending follow-up materials or surveys.

3. Increased Response Rates

CRM driven messaging gets you a 40% response rate. Compare that to email which has only a 10% response rate on average.

4. Track Conversational History

No need to go looking in multiple places to remember what someone said or asked for. All past conversations, no matter where they happened, are stored in one place. You save hours of time and save your reps from a lot of headaches. Plus, your audience will appreciate quick responses that are relevant, without them having to repeat themselves multiple times.

5. Share Insights Across your Reps

There’s importance in maintaining a human element among all of the digital interactions. Companies must remain thoughtful about the messages they send, the frequency, and follow-up. You can avoid sounding generic by storing information about conversations and sharing that across your organization. By including personal tidbits, every interaction can be catered to the individual, no matter which rep is handling the communication.

The Bottom Line

Integrating business messaging with your CRM will have sales reps engaged with prospects fast. You’ll save time, increase response rates, share insights, and manage multiple leads at once. Ultimately, you’ll help your sales team close deals faster and create a good reputation for your company through your thoughtful communications.

Want to see how SMS-Magic Converse helps clients achieve all of this with text messaging? Reach out and we’d be happy to give you a personal tour and share examples from our clients!

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