10 ways an upgrade can help grow

If you’re using SMS-Magic, you’re already familiar with its ease of use and the enhanced customer interaction it can bring. Now you can unlock premium features with an easy account upgrade.

Upgrade and Grow Your Conversations

Why should you invest the money?

Our customers have found that when they begin running effective campaigns, they quickly need more flexibility, more analytics and more information about their customers. Upgrading your service plan from Start to Grow or from Grow to Custom provides you the level of technology you need.

In the United States, for example, 47 percent of users prefer using the native SMS feature in their smartphone to send texts. The Start service plan handles those texts with ease. Other channels like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger or SnapChat, however, are the most popular messaging apps outside the U.S. Upgrading to a premium plan will allow you to handle conversations from native texts, as well as from the other messaging apps. Managing all messages in one place makes your process smoother.

47 percent preference for text messaging

We can help you grow your conversations with other similar benefits that allow you greater flexibility in all your customer conversations.

Here are the top ten benefits you gain with an upgrade:

1. Message Customers on Multiple Channels

Augment your texting with other popular messaging channels. Meet customers where they are using multichannel messaging. Send campaigns through channels like Facebook and WhatsApp.

2. Track CampaignURLs 

Using URL shortening and tracking helps you to promote, track and measure your business. The customized, shortened URLs enable you to track incoming traffic and marketing campaigns while maintaining a cohesive brand identity and increasing customer engagement.

Track campaign urls

3. Access Custom Analytics

Measure delivery, rep and team results with custom analytics. Know exactly what’s happening with your messaging and your customers. Analytics help you manage your team and its results.

4. Handle More Conversations

The new Rep Desk/Inbox gives you room for 10 times your previous conversation volumes. As your business grows, the number of conversations you engage in will grow, as well. The Rep Desk/Inbox allows you to substantially increase the number of conversations you can handle. This upgrade is especially for customers on or below SMS-Magic version 1.48.

5. Ensure Compliance with Reports and Dashboards

Gain access to our consent matrix to help you understand compliance guidelines around the world and to ensure deliverability of your messaging campaigns. With new laws and regulations coming online every year, you need the assurance the consent matrix provides. You’ll know you’re in compliance.

6. Customize Your Conversation Views Using Filters

Filter conversations based on Salesforce list views, owners, campaigns, etc. to better understand and profile your audience. The ability to segment your audience allows you to target your messages in just the right way. This upgrade is especially for customers on or below SMS-Magic version 1.48.

7. Use Multiple Phone Numbers

Your organization may have several conversations going with customers for a variety of reasons, including support, sales, service, etc. Having only one phone number may cause those conversations to blend together in a way that is confusing. Multiple phone numbers can help keep conversations organized and clear. The upgrade allows you to access the phone numbers you need.

8. Simplify User Subscriptions

Grow your subscribers with the flexibility to manage different types of opt-ins from multiple places. You must track opt-in and opt-out requests for a number of reasons, not the least of which is to avoid annoying your customers. This feature gives you the flexibility to manage subscription requests from different sources.

9. Assign Conversations to Colleagues 

Quickly assign each conversation to the right team member while simultaneously giving them access to all the conversational history involved so they are immediately up to speed. This feature allows your team to help customers without making the customer repeat the problem with every new person they encounter. You can quickly route the conversation to the correct staff member who has all the details readily available.

10. UseDedicated Mobile Messaging App

The Grow service plan provides a dedicated mobile messaging app for your convenience.

Dedicated mobile messaging app

Now is a great time to take advantage of our discount and upgrade to an SMS-Magic premium account. Our upgraded plans start at just $100 a month. You can upgrade automatically from our website, but if you have questions or want more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us. 

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