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Text message templates let you create and send compelling outbound messages, highly relevant nurture campaigns and personalized questions to more deeply profile your audience members. When you use Text message templates to personalize your marketing, you’ll begin your messaging programs faster, use best practices to improve results and be able to quickly deploy more types of messaging campaigns to accelerate marketing results.

Using Text Message Templates to Personalize Marketing

Text message templates are predefined content templates that you can select to use in your message marketing. Your messaging vendor should provide a range of customer-proven templates to get you started. At SMS-Magic, we offer both general and industry-specific templates for our customers.

Begin by tuning these templates with content that history has shown previously to be compelling to your audience. Then, track your message responses to assure that your content is indeed relevant.

Getting Started

So, how do you begin message marketing? Here’s what we recommend:

  • Decide what buyer problems or opportunities you want to target with your message marketing. For example, staffing companies may want to begin with specific classifications of jobs, e.g., technical support, retail sales, administrative support etc. Product companies may want to target specific buyer profiles, offer discounts on certain product offerings etc.
  • Create offers in your marketing materials that direct buyers in these target areas to opt-in to your program by texting a keyword to your text number. We recommend you use different keywords for different campaigns/interest areas so you can track and measure your success.
  • For each of your target areas, you’ll need to tune content templates to reflect your specific offer and value.
    • Use vendor recommended templates for capturing consent to be sure you are compliant with local regulatory requirements.
    • Tune a message response for each of your opt-in offers that fulfills that promise.
    • To create a nurture campaign to begin after this message, tune a set of nurture campaign content templates to deliver relevant information based on the specific offer and your buyers’ intent, based on that offer.
Profiling your Audience

After you’ve tackled those main components, add a couple of simple but important profiling questions to any nurture. It’s a great way to let your prospect know you care about their individual needs. You get to know your individual audience members better, so you can provide even more compelling content.

For example, if you have three product lines, ask them which they are interested in learning about. If you offer multiple types of services, jobs or degrees to companies, candidates or students, ask them which they are interested in. Offer a simple keyword to respond that reflects their area of interest. Their response is stored in their record, so you’ll know what information is relevant to send them next.

If you send customer surveys, tune a few survey template questions and send them in a nurture-type campaign, using simple keywords for their responses. Again, use different keywords for different interests. Every individual buyer’s responses will be stored for your review and analysis.

Marketing campaigns using content templates

Once you have the above templates tuned to your specific messaging and value, you can easily save and reuse them in other marketing campaigns.

The graphic below offers a simple flow for marketing campaigns using content templates and a branched nurture campaign.

(Click on image to enlarge)

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The Bottom Line

Messaging marketing will drive more prospects into your pipeline and accelerate your ability to engage with them and move them into your sales team.

When you use content templates provided by your messaging vendor, you will jumpstart your message marketing results. Use these baseline templates to simplify and accelerate every additional campaign, survey or buyer engagement program. Be sure to track and measure your results using messaging dashboards and analytics, then update templates as you learn more about what compels your buyers. Always remember, templates should be living, adapting content to match the changing interests of your audience.

If you want to see for yourself how text messaging can impact your business, schedule a demo today and we’d be happy to show you just how our SMS templates will lead you to success.

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