Batch texting service

You might not want to use your CRM for all your campaigns. If you’re in a rush and need to send a campaign to a list of contacts, listen up- there’s an easy way out. Did you know that you can send bulk messages from the SMS-Magic portal? You just need to upload a CSV file, write your text’s content or use a template and bam – you’re done.

Let’s say you’ve gone to a trade show and come back with an Excel full of leads. Good for you! But…you’re not sure how many of these leads are qualified. You might not want to clutter up your CRM with these leads.

So you can create a CSV file and send bulk messages to your leads from the SMS-Magic portal. You can even personalize texts by using dynamic fields. Just make sure the field you want to include is in your list.

Here is an example of how SMS-Magic portal can be used for bulk text messaging.

Ramona heads a mortgage lending business, Mortgages4U. She went to the 2017 California Mortgage Lenders Expo last week. She got 1392 leads, the most she had ever got from an event. Ramona has a team of just 11 people. She wanted to be sure that they would be working on the best leads.

Ramona decided to text her leads, as text messages are 4 times more likely to be read than an email. She asked leads to text a date and time when they would want to discuss loan options. Leads who replied would naturally be interested, and her team could then start calling them right away.

Here’s the text message template she created-

Hi Jeff, Great meeting you at the Cal Mortgage Expo. When can we talk about your loan options? Reply with date & time in MM/DD/YY<TIME> format. Thanks- Ramona, Mortgages4U

Once Ramona created a CSV file of her leads with Name and Phone fields, she uploaded it on the SMS-Magic portal. It filtered out records that were blank or had alphanumeric content in the phone field.

About 10% of Ramona’s data was filtered, so she was left with 1251 leads. She sent a test message to herself first, so that she could check that everything was working as it should be. Within seconds, the text appeared on her phone.

Satisfied, Ramona sent her bulk text campaign and waited. Within minutes, she saw hundreds of replies flooding the ‘Responses tab’ in her SMS-Magic account. “Wow, I never imagined I’d get such a great response, so quickly,” Ramona thought. She excitedly began assigning leads to her team.

Like Ramona, you too can send bulk text messages and even MMSs from the SMS-Magic portal. Whether you want to send a sale alert, run a contest or share some company news, bulk texting from our portal is simple, fast and effective.

Raring to go? Jump to our bulk texting portal and try it out for yourself.

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