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When to Use Text Messaging vs. Email in Marketing

How do you decide when to use text messaging vs. email for your marketing programs?

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The Basics of Incorporating SMS Messages Into your Email Mar...

With the immediacy, convenience, and brevity of SMS messages as compared to email marketing, it’s

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How SMS Messages Orchestrate the Omnichannel Experience

The pace of change in technology, channels available, and consumer preferences are pushing marketers to

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6 Reasons Consumers Opt-out from your SMS Messages

SMS messages have been around for two decades but it’s only now just hitting its

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8 Key Elements for Successful SMS Messages & Campaigns

As a business owner, you’re always looking for unique ways to market your product and

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Give Lead Nurturing Programs a Boost with SMS Messages

Can a relationship last if it’s only one way? Relationships deepen when both sides get

Lead nurturing with text messaging
Strengthen Lead Nurturing with Text Messaging

Can a relationship last if it’s one way? Relationships deepen when both sides get to

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Give Customers What They Want with SMS Messages

Technology keeps advancing, making it easier for consumers to browse, research, buy, and communicate with

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Automation Isn’t Just for Email: SMS Messages Gain Tractio...

Marketing automation has allowed both B2C and B2B marketers to get more value from email