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Text message templates for business

accelerate your time-to-messaging, improve your results from messaging, increase conversions and improve your customer success.

Our global customers rely on text message templates to profile new prospects, quickly launch marketing campaigns, enable rapid responses for sales and service reps, and to enhance their overall messaging effectiveness.

Text message templates for business also ensure that your message structures, sizes, and content are compliant with your carrier’s requirements, significantly increasing the delivery success of your messages.

Even though the underlying use cases and message campaigns are similar across all industries, every industry has unique content requirements for their messages. That’s why industry-specific SMS templates are important.

Target audiences, and your offers to them, vary significantly by industry:

  • Sales, Financial Services and Contact Centers are generally focused on prospects and customers. Their offerings include products and services.
  • Higher Education organizations focus on prospective students, students and graduates. Their offerings include undergraduate and graduate degrees, financial aid and work study programs and student success coaching.
  • Wellness businesses serve prospective patients and patients with services, supplements, testing and more.
  • Staffing agencies serve passive and active candidates, as well as their own customers. Their offerings include jobs, interview support, resume mentoring, scheduling and candidate surveys.

The differences described alone demonstrate why you need specific templates for your industry. That’s why SMS-Magic offers industry-specific content templates, to accelerate your messaging deployments.

To optimize your messaging strategy’s success, you need to be sure to leverage SMS solutions designed specifically for your industry. SMS templates are a key aspect of these solutions.

Our customers find that SMS templates are very powerful. We’ve put together this simple Insider’s Guide to Using Text Message Templates in Business to share some of our most popular uses cases and their related templates. It’s a must have for anyone using business text messaging.

In this text message template for business guide you’ll learn:

  • Why text message templates should be a core facet of your messaging strategy.
  • How to use text message templates in Marketing, Sales and Service.
  • How text message templates apply to popular use cases in Product and Technology Sales, Financial Services, Higher Education, Staffing, Contact Centers and Wellness.
  • You’ll get 12 different use cases, each with multiple text message template examples to show you how you can use business text messaging to increase your results.

Just click below to download this insightful guide.

text message template for business

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