SMS messages
Give Customers What They Want with SMS Messages

Technology keeps advancing, making it easier for consumers to browse, research, buy, and communicate with

SMS messages
Automation Isn’t Just for Email: SMS Messages Gain Tractio...

Marketing automation has allowed both B2C and B2B marketers to get more value from email

SMS messages
Use Text Message Surveys to Get Personal with Customers

Customers want personalized, relevant experiences with brands. They say they’re willing to give up personal

Event sms messages
Increase Audience Engagement with Event SMS Messages

Events are growing in importance to organizational success. Bizzabo’s Event Marketing 2018 research found that

SMS messages
SMS Messages Increase Marketing Efficiency

For years, marketers have ranked email as their top performing marketing channel. As text messaging

SMS messages
SMS Messages Strategy : Less Frequency, More Quality

SMS messages are the preferred communication channel for most people with a smartphone—which is pretty

SMS messages
Real-Time Marketing and Sales with SMS Messages

Consumers’ expectations continue to become more demanding. They want fast responses and less effort required

Best practices for sms messages
7 Campaign Best Practices for SMS Messages

Conversational text messaging is a growing preference for consumers with brands they want to hear

Texting for business
Why Texting for Business Works

Before I get into the advantages and how and why texting works like a charm,