Version 1.89

Bug fixed

Date: 8th July 2021

  • Issue: Issues with the Campaign manager as the campaign showed more processed records than the total records


The user faced an issue with the Campaign manager, as the campaign showed more processed records than the total records (Status- Completed; Total-145; Processed-155; Sent-156). 

When the processed, sent, and delivered record count was analyzed on the campaign dashboard by fetching the query on the SMS history based on campaign lookup and direction, it was observed that the campaign lookup was added to all messages of those conversations. So if a user was sending any message with this conversation, it was adding a campaign lookup to that message. In this case, the user had configured automation based on keywords. So when they ran a campaign, they received incoming messages with the STOP keyword, and the outgoing messages triggered which had a lookup of the campaign. So these messages were also added to the processed, sent, and delivered count, which is why the processed, and sent count showed more than the total records.

The issue was resolved by adding a condition while querying the SMS history records in the query that fetches only those records triggered by the campaign manager.

The issue with the Campaign manager showing mismatched Total, Processed, and Sent values is now resolved.

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