Version 1.90

Bug fixed

Date: 2nd Sep 2021

  • Issue: Customer was not able to run recurring campaigns on the campaign manager when the repeat frequency was greater than or equal to 2 days


The customer was facing an issue while running recurring campaign on the campaign manager on version 1.89. The user created a campaign that fetched data from reports and tried to see which report was used by clicking on the edit; which did not display the report name. The Campaign Manager failed while scheduling recurring campaigns with a frequency greater than or equal to 2 days.

Analyzed the technical limitation of cron expressions which led to the limitation of Campaign Manager with the daily frequency with an interval of more than 1 day.

Provided the workaround that instead of scheduling the campaigns on ‘Daily’ basis, the user could schedule them on ‘Weekly’ basis as per their requirements. The user can now choose days of the week, like Mon-Wed-Fri, to schedule a campaign and can schedule campaigns for a long time without any issue.

Added a permanent fix for the issue by handling the day count in apex code to skip days using the days’ difference count between the start date and today’s date. The user can now create a daily frequency by creating a cron expression for 1 day, and the repeat frequency is selected to be greater than 1.

The issue related to the Campaign Manager failing while scheduling recurring campaigns with repeat frequency greater than or equal to 2 days is now resolved.

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