Version 1.54

Version 1.54

1. Issue: Status appears as ‘completed’ for the recurring campaign from the list view.
For the recurring campaign, from the List view of Campaign Manager, it is showing its status as Completed when it is run for the first time.

The Campaign status will remain as ‘Ongoing’ until the campaign is triggered on the selected last day.

2. Issue: Record details were not shown correctly.
Record details were not shown correctly on the Campaign Manager when the list view on the ‘Contact’ object is selected.

When the customer tried to create a campaign the list view on the Contact object some list view contacts did not populate.

All the contact records are now getting populated in the campaign manager list view.

3. Issue: Campaigns fail if the template used with merged field.
Campaigns fail if the template used with merged field from the information object.

Added a new UI to get the data about the information object records present in the template text. Updated the campaign detail page to show the proper information as per the selected information object.

4. Issue: Campaign Manager UI freezes for a large number of the templates.
The Campaign Manager UI freezes if a large number of the template is created in the Salesforce org.

Provided search functionality to fetch the required templates, The number of templates shown by default will be 50.


  • Changes to support Campaign Launcher on Community.
    Changes are made to support the community in the campaign manager.
    Added new permission, set-Campaign Manager admin.
  • Proper Error handling for campaign Manager.In order to provide the proper error message in the error log so as to debug the issue easily.


  • Recurring Campaign supported only with Daily type (Start and End date are mandatory). Also, Weekly, Monthly and yearly recurring schedules are not supported for now.
  • Running a campaign with a report is not supported to community users as of now.
  • A new Permission set is introduced as “Campaign Manager Admin” which includes all mandatory object-level permission to use Campaign Manager, this needs to be assigned to Non-Admin User. Along with assigning this Permission Set, Admin must explicitly give permission for ‘Report Access Job’ Object either from Permission set(by cloning) or at Profile Level.

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