Version 1.64

Patch 1.64.29

Date: 14th June 2021

Bug fixed
  1. Issue – Issue of SMS getting sent to duplicate number in Converse App >> Bulk Campaign

ID of the converse app task was not passed to batch before execution. Thus the required check for duplicate numbers was not happening.

To solve this issue, the ID of the Converse App task was passed to batch ensuring check for duplicate numbers. With this, sending messages to duplicate numbers was avoided.

  1. Issue – Need to pass the record ID parameter to the injection service:CustomConsentService

The client wanted to check for field on the record and based on that they wanted to manage the Consent record. For customization, the case record ID was required to be passed to the custom class (“CustomConsentService”) at the injection point.

At the injection point, the record ID was passed to the custom class (“CustomConsentService”) to support the customization case.

Patch 1.64.27

Date: 24th May 2021

Bug fixes
  1. Issue: Customer was getting an error while sending SMS from Bulk Campaign from the Converse App

When any object from parent-child relationship was configured in the Message Configuration Object (MOC), the package code was not able to resolve the relationship to get the value of the opt-out field. Due to this, the customer was getting an error while sending SMS from Bulk Campaign from the Converse App.

To resolve this issue, the code was updated to resolve the relationship and get the value of the opt-out field as expected.

  1. Issue: Customer was facing an issue with lookup object on SMS consent record

The last updated record ID was getting attached to each consent record that was created. This was causing the mentioned error.

To solve the issue, the unique record ID which is fetched from input consent data was updated.

Patch 1.64.24

Date: 17th May 2021

Bug fixed

Fix: Conversations Lightning component was not loading messages properly. The customer was facing an issue where the messages before 16th march were not loading on the conversation component on the record page layout. In message.cmp there was an unnecessary use of the method sanitizeUrl() that was causing an issue while parsing the object instead of a string.

To solve this issue, we removed the unnecessary use of the method. Used it at a relevant place from a security perspective.

Conversion lightning component not loading

Patch 1.64.12

Date:  24th Feb 2021

Bug fixed

Issue – The 24hr Conversation Window was not working properly on Facebook and WhatsApp


The 24hr Conversation Window was available on One record with the same mobile number and Sender ID. However, it was not available on another Object. The system was checking for the 24hr window on the basis of recordID, phone, Sender ID, and channel. The recordID was causing the issue.

To solve this issue, recordID was removed from the key. With this, the 24hr Conversation Window started functioning properly on WhatsApp and Facebook both.

Patch 1.64.10

Date:  20th Jan 2021

Bug fixed

Issue – The consent records were not getting created with country code prefix


Consent records were not getting created with country code prefix for those who have set a specific country as messaging destination (other than the ‘All’ option). Consent records and compliance enforcement functionality was not working as expected.
To solve this issue, security enhancements were done in the country-specific consent recording.

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