Version 1.59


The SMC 1.59 Release is focused on helping users adopt a more detailed yet simplified approach in configuring compliance settings. It includes all essential TCPA guidelines in the new compliance features.
The release also includes a Pricing plan with updated features to accommodate different customer requirements. The new pricing plan offers multiple options for the user to make an informed purchase decision depending on their exact business requirement.
The Release 1.59 provides the following updates:

Converse Settings

A few productivity features added to the desk for agents to quickly find, respond and update CRM with conversations details. Refer to below enhancements added with SMC 1.58 release.

1. Enhanced Compliance Configuration

As an Admin user, you can ensure that your business users are able to send messages that will reach only those customers who have opted for them, thus preventing message loss due to unwanted spamming. The current compliance features are completely aligned with TCPA requirements. They help your business record consent, give your customers the ability to change or modify their consent and enhance your CRM with the right tools to apply a different kind of consent for a different segment of customers.
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2. New Lookup fields

As an admin user, you can ensure that conversation views, in Converse Desk, provide additional information for conversation name and record number on an ongoing conversation.
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3. Configure new CRM Action

As an admin user you can configure CRM actions to ensure that a new contact and new case is created from an unknown number.
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4. License Management Display

As users you will now have more clarity on the total number of licenses available, those consumed and those remaining to be assigned.  This helps you to plan license management more effectively in order to meet your usage requirements.
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Bulk Message Interface

The Bulk message interface used from multiple modules within SMS-Magic Converse is equipped to provide compliance status updates. Read below to know more.

1. Compliance Mode Display

While sending messages, you can view the consent mode applicable for the Bulk Message interface. It derives details from the customer’s consent status and provides information on whether you will be able to send out messages to the selected recipients.
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Converse Templates

Templates are now tagged with compliance status to provide the best experience for users who will be using them to send out messages.

1. Assign Templates with Content Type

While adding or editing templates, you can now tag it with a content type for which it will be used. Once tagged the compliance status assigned to the content type is also linked to the template. This will be available only to customers who have enabled the new Converse Compliance feature.
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Converse Desk

Sending messages from Converse Desk now includes the viewing of consent status and the flexibility to include PDF attachments.

1. Compliance Status Display

Users need to understand the exact consent status of every contact/lead/opportunity prior to sending out messages. This helps to ensure that their messages will reach the inbox of the intended recipient and not violate compliance regulations. In the 1.59 release, the Converse Desk displays a descriptive summary of the consent status stating the possible reasons why the user will or will not be able to send messages to the recipient.
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2. PDF and MMS File attachments

Sales representatives can now attach MMS as well as PDF files with their messages for quicker closure from customers. In case the file size is not permitted by providers, SMS-Magic Converse provides them with the flexibility to convert the message into an SMS. The PDF or MMS file will be added as a link within the SMS text.

Permission Management

SMC 1.59 release has included new permissions to ensure stronger process adherence.

1. New Compliance Configuration Permission

Adhering to message Compliance guidelines is significantly important. It is critical, therefore, that users should not be given free access to modify the new compliance settings. SMC 1.59 release will enable Admins to provide access to selected users, through the Compliance Configuration setup permission, to view and edit the Compliance settings to avoid any possibility of violation.

Pricing Plans

Do you want to ensure a holistic understanding of the full feature benefits prior to availing the full version? Learn about our enhanced pricing plans launched in Release 1.59 that helps you explore the product in details prior to purchasing a plan.

1. Enhanced Pricing Plan

As a business user, you can avail an enhanced pricing plan that will help you manage your trial extensions, update billing plans, view current plan and balance, and purchase plan add-ons. Additional security is ensured by gating specific plans. All available plans are displayed dynamically based on your account type to help you experience a smooth buying journey.

Converse Analytics

Analytics is now part of the SMC 1.59 release.

1. Dashboards for Message Analytics

Dashboards designed for Agents and Managers will now be available for viewing message analytics.
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Help Access

Help topics are now within easy reach. Read about how the 1.59 Release enables you to access the application Help to ease your app adoption.

1. Access to Help Documentation

Users can now access Help documentation from within the SMS-Magic Converse Interface. Help icons have been placed in visible locations to ensure users can access the relevant support when needed.


1.Irrelevant Information is showing on Bulk SMS page(PFA)
2.Template – Cannot cancel template if navigating from Content Type screen
3.For Alpha Sender Id compliance is not getting followed properly
4.Browser notification not consistent
5.Once I create new contact from a conversation, It doesnt automatically relate conversation with Contact.
6.For new conversation view user is unable to send the sms for opt in record from opt out record.
7.msg sent popup is displayed for 0 numbers.
8.Notification – Correct message is not displayed in Notification
9.Notification – When replied to a notification it creates a new conversation
10.Not able to access Converse App on Campaign Manager 1.46(Winter20)
11.Not able to add Template in Campaign Manager 1.46(Mac issue)
12.Not able to add object in MOC on package upgradation from 1.48 to 1.59 (Managed Package) AND converse setting steps are still incomplete
13.Converse Home page is breaking and JS error is displaying at bottom
14.Not able to Create Converse Action and Run Bulk Action with Record Owner SenderId
15.SenderID as “Auto” not getting populated for Auto Reply and Notification to User in Converse App
16.Upgrade – Unable to upgrade from 1.51 to 1.59.2 package
17.Upgrade – For Unknown incoming number, mobile no is not populated while replying from Converse Desk
18.After up-gradation, senderId is changing
19.Not able to add note from page which opens from browser notification. It works from converse desk though.
20.Character limit feature is not working as expected
21.Message Credits are not properly reflected in Customer Portal
22.While doing setup in SF- Company name is not getting added in DB after signup.
23.For sandbox account , production account message credits are displaying
24.Existing SMS-Magic Customer is able to complete Journey
25.Available phone number count is not getting updated on Admin portal after selecting Basic Trial plan / Standard Trial Plan.

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