Spring Release 2021


This article focuses on key enhancements and key issues that we have fixed on the SMS-Magic Portal as a part of the Spring Release 2021. The goal of this release is to create a seamless user experience.

Below is a list of improvements you’ll find in the latest release:


We have made numerous enhancements and improvements in this Spring Release 2021:

  1. Now you can save formatted mobile numbers with special characters. Example (, ),-,dot,/,space,+,[,] 
  2. We now require the input of country code while saving a contact in a Contacts Manager – This allows in removing any ambiguity around the number.
  3. The User’s My Inbox remains unaffected by Admin’s browsing activity in Team Inboxes. This enables users to keep proper track of their conversations.
  4. We have added template search in Converse Desk, where the users can easily search for templates in the Conversation window and the New Message window.

Issues Fixed

Following issues were fixed in the Spring Release 2021:

  1. Fixed an issue with message count in the converse desk where the message count was sometimes inaccurate.
  2. Conversations with new incoming or outgoing messages are shown on the top of the list in all the inboxes. Conversations that are marked read or unread no longer are moved to the top of the list. This ensures that the conversations with your latest messages stay on top of the Inbox list. 
  3. Consent Management Auto Reply is no longer triggered for mobile numbers that are already opted-out.
  4. Fixed an issue where incoming messages were shown out of context in search results of inboxes in Converse Desk. 
  5. Outgoing and incoming message history reports now can be downloaded from their respective tabs.
  6. MMS preview is now visible for scheduled campaigns in the message campaign tab.
  7. WhatsApp Incoming MMS file is now visible in Converse Desk and SMS History tab.

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Important Announcement!

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