Version 1.60


Release 1.60 was mainly focused on following things:

1. Changes related to prebuilt dynamic dashboard

SMS magic 1.59 version has prebuilt dynamic dashboards giving insights on compliance, team and agent productivity etc. In salesforce, every enterprise edition organization can have up to 5 dynamic dashboards and unlimited edition organisation can have up to 10 dynamic dashboards. 

Based on the organisation edition, customers were facing issues with installation of 1.59 version where the dynamic dashboard limit was exceeding. So through release 1.60 we are taking out the packaged dynamic dashboards outside of the main package and giving it as an add-on for those who need it / who’s org can support it. [To get the add-on package version link, please reach out to us at]

2. Patch for Salesforce Critical Update rolled out on February 17, 2020

Critical update has been rolled out with the Spring ’20 release on January 3, 2020 and made globally available from February 17, 2020. After the critical update, users without the Customize Application permission can no longer access custom settings which will impact the SMS-Magic capabilities like sending messages, receiving incoming messages, etc. Through 1.60, we are giving a SMS-magic packaged permission set “SMS Converse conversation user” to give access to only SMS-magic custom settings which you can assign to your users. You can read the detailed instructions here or please reach out to us at with any questions you might have. 

3. Custom Apex Code Injection Capability

Sender ID selection, template selection and incoming lookup selection can now be customised as per business process with custom development.

4. Bug fixes & Improvements

Through 1.60, we are coming up with a few more bug fixes & enhancements as listed below.


  1. Bulk SMS component load time improvements.
  2. Optimization for composer rendering on Send SMS button click.
  3. Auto reload of Conversations and ConversationView Components on community edition with push topics dependency removed.
  4. MMS file size limit increased to 2.5MB from 500Kb.
  5. The converse app is made available for all from 1.60 version onwards.
  6. Application available for use on Salesforce Professional Edition.
  7. New compliance support for the campaign manager. For more information click here.
  8. Salesforce API version updated to 1.46, allowing user to add all objects in message configuration under converse settings.


  1. Fixed issue with expanded view of conversation component on alert notification of Incoming Message.
  2. Fixed issue with facebook’s alphanumeric sender ID formatting on conversation view.
  3. Fixed issue with Conversation Id creation and Unformatted number population for Line & Facebook channel.
  4. Fixed new message UI to populate correct data in record detail page.
  5. Fixed issue with record owner sender id not displayed in Bulk Campaign in Converse App.
  6. Fixed issue with Utility bar where the message is displayed to two records.
  7. Fixed issue with UI while sending single SMS when country set to all for MMS.
  8. Fixed issue regarding only the text from the Template getting sent when Template is used in Campaign and extra text is added.
  9. Fixed issue regarding missing fields in conversation user permission set.

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