Version 1.58


The SMC 1.58 release is focused mainly on the converse desk improvements and to help our customers use the Converse Desk for their existing business process seamlessly.

The use of converse desk can be totally different for sales & support agents. Also, conversations to be displayed in the desk based on logged-in users can be a little taxing for Salesforce admins to configure.

The new converse desk gives you the flexibility to configure the desk depending on who the end-user is and render the front-end with the relevant details and capabilities.

Converse Desk

A few productivity features added to the desk for agents to quickly find, respond and update CRM with conversations details. Refer to below enhancements added with SMC 1.58 release.

1. Assign Conversations in Bulk on Converse Desk

As a manager, you can assign conversations of an agent, who is on leave, to another. You can select multiple conversations at one go and save significant time as you no longer need to assign conversations individually.

You can also apply a filter to select and assign similar conversations to other users.

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2. Marking Multiple Conversations as Read or Unread

This will help you keep your inbox sorted. Even though conversations in your Inbox have been read, you may want to highlight some of them as you may want to visit them later. This feature helps you mark all those conversations as unread. Similarly, you can also mark unread conversations as read if you do not feel they are significant for your business.

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3. Create Lead from Unknown Number

If you are using Texting to generate leads, this will help you to quickly create lead from conversations. It eases the process to create a new lead from an unknown number.

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4. Custom Inbox

As part of the Sales/Marketing/Support team you may need to customize your inbox to receive specific messages relevant for your business. You can also build filters to categorize messages and get a customized view to respond to conversations that are left open by other members of your team. Team leads can also use the custom Inbox to respond to cases that team members have not responded to.

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5. Enhanced Message Box Display Screen

As a business user, you now have better visibility of the Sender ID, phone numbers and templates to be chosen while composing messages in the Converse Desk. The width of the drop-down list for SenderId, phone numbers and templates have been increased to view the complete details before sending the message.

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6. Toggle Message View in Converse Desk and Utility Bar

You can now view individual record’s detail from within the Converse Desk. The Message Reply panel on the Converse Desk and the utility bar displays the toggle button that helps you switch between individual record’s detail view and the All message view. You can also click Reset to revert to the default view.

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7. UI Enhancements in Converse Desk

You can now use improved UI features in the Converse Desk that has enhanced its usability.

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8. Internal Note

As a manager, you can now write and share notes internally with your team from within the Converse Desk. These notes are visible only to members of your team or to other users within your organization. These will, however, not be visible to your customers.

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9. Refresh option on Converse Desk

You can now easily be aware of new incoming/outgoing messages by simply refreshing your Converse Desk view.

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Utility Bar

Quickly refer to the recent conversations for your leads or contacts from any page in Salesforce before who take the next action. Please note this capability is supported in Salesforce lightning only. Refer to below enhancements added with SMC 1.58 release.

1. Contextual Conversations

You can now focus on conversations that are contextual to the record you are viewing. Following are a few examples:

  • When on a lead record, the desk displays all conversations related to a lead.
  • When on a contact record, the desk displays all conversations related to a contact.
  • When on an opportunity record, the desk displays all conversations related to opportunity.

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2. Enhanced Converse Desk on Utility Bar

You can avail the following benefits with the enhanced Converse Desk on the Utility bar:

  • View the search results by applying a contextual filter. The record, selected as the contextual filter, is highlighted to indicate that it is in active use. You will continue to receive notification for all incoming messages irrespective of the filter being used.
  • You can also reset the contextual filter.
  • Revert to viewing All records.

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Converse Settings

Looking to customize the converse desk as per your existing business process? Refer to below enhancements added with SMC 1.58 release.

1. Configurable Converse Desk Settings

As an Admin you can now configure certain Converse Desk settings to help in making the Converse Desk more intuitive. These include the following:

  • CRM Actions – Can select which actions the user can have with certain message objects.
  • Internal Note – Enable users to send private notes to each other in the same organization during a conversation.
  • Desk Themes – Select color theme for the Converse Desk and preview the theme before applying the theme.
  • Messages – Automated messages can be given a different color background. Incoming and outgoing messages can contain additional information by selecting the options in a separate pop up window.
  • Conversation Topic – Customize the view of the topic of the conversation. The Admin configures the topic of the conversation to display additional information.

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2. Converse Desk Layout

As an admin, you can now configure the layout of the Converse Desk layout for specific user roles and profiles in the organization. The following can be configured:

  • The color or pattern for the Desk theme.
  • TheConversationtopic view
  • Color theme displayed for Automated messages in the conversation flow.
  • Information to be displayed under each message bubble.
  • Information to be displayed in the information lookup field.

The settings under the General Settings tab.

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3. Enable Canned Responses

As an admin user, you can enable users and profiles to send canned responses or a template-based response. This disables users from creating custom messages. You can also add specific users and profiles to send canned responses.

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4. Character Limit Restrictions for Converse Desk Messages

As an Admin user, you can restrict the number of characters to any number between 1-700, in all outgoing messages sent from the Converse Desk. Messages longer than that, if required, need to be sent using templates only.

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5. New Custom Permissions in Admin Settings

As an Admin user, can view new custom permissions in the Custom Permissions tab under Permission Management.

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Converse Apps

You do realize how critical it is to avoid sending out duplicate messages in your campaigns. The improved SMC 1.58 release ensures that you are given the flexibility to avoid duplication.

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1. Eliminate Duplicate Messages

You can now ensure that customers are not spammed with duplicate messages while executing campaigns and bulk actions from Converse Apps.


1.Records are created simultaneously in both SMS History and Error Logs even when permissions for “MMS type” and “MMS URL” from the MMS Detail Field-level Security are removed after the user starts running the campaign.
2.Not Responded Filter appears within the Not Responded by Customer list view.
Toaster Messages in Converse Settings display even for settings that are not modified.
In Lightning components the alternative text is blank for spinner.js.
3.The count of characters configured for messages being sent is not displaying correctly.
4.Following inconsistencies exist in Utility Bar Behavior enhancements. Notification for incoming messages (the dot near the recipient name) is not consistently visible.Notification for incoming messages (the dot near the recipient name) should disappear only user moves to the All filter.Pagination should appear at the bottom of the page.
5.The filter icon in the utility bar on the record detail page, fails to navigate user to to the relevant contextual conversation.
6.Utility bar UI is not displaying conversations as desired.
7.The Home Page Layout configuration page displays two classic side bar components.
8.The Converse Desk Theme preview is not updated as per the currently implemented Desk UI.
9.Unicode characters is not considered as plain text in Salesforce.
10.“SMS Magic” should be replaced with “SMS-Magic” throughout the interface.
11.Outgoing message, from an unknown number for which there is an incoming message already present, is creating a new message instead of being linked to its predecessor.
12.The mobile number last used to send messages is not being displayed as the default number.
13.Template is trimmed to character limit defined for the campaign and prevents use of the complete version.
14.The Back button displayed on the message flow window of Contact Records is not functional.
15.Standard Profiles for which Internal Note/Character counts have been configured are displayed as PT1, PT2 and so on instead of the profile name.



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