Summer Release 2021


In this release, we have improved the overall UI of the Campaign and added new features to it. We have named the new version as Enhanced Campaign. 

Below are the newly added features in the Enhanced Campaign:

  1. Search Bar: To search campaigns on the go
  2. Single Page View: Gives you the details of all the campaigns in one view, which includes campaign message, media attached, and categorization of campaigns based on channel type.
  3. Adding Filters for your Search Result: Now you can select appropriate filters based on channel type, custom dates, and status of the campaign to find the exact campaign you are looking for.
  4. Edit and Delete option for Scheduled Campaigns: To edit a scheduled campaign you no longer need to unschedule it first, you can directly edit the campaign and update the changes. Similarly, if you want to delete a scheduled campaign you can directly delete it with a click.
  5. Validation of Contact Records: Validation of records is done automatically on the selection of a contact list, which allows you to know how many contacts in the list are there with the right phone number.
  6. Navigation Bar: To easily navigate to any step of campaign creation while editing the campaign.
  7. Mapping of Merge Fields: For the WhatsApp channel, you can easily map the merge fields without having to worry about any error caused to the templates while creating the campaign as the message box is uneditable.
  8. Compliance Settings: Ensures that user sends campaign to only opted-in numbers specifically for WhatsApp channel. For the SMS channel, the user is given an option to take care of the compliance as per their usage.

To know more about the Enhanced Campaign, click here.


Below are the improvements that we have added related to existing functionalities:

  1. Template V2 – This is the enhanced version of the template feature which includes newly added filters. Users can now easily filter all the templates created in the account by template type, channel, label, and more.
  2. SMS History Details – You can see the user name now i.e. who has sent the message in message details

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Important Announcement!

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