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You already know how powerful conversational messaging can be. Your customers love it! They read 98% of the messages they receive and respond within three minutes to 95% of them. You can deliver a message at your convenience and your customer can respond at theirs. Billions of people use messaging platforms like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and SMS – allowing them to make payments, talk to their bankers, and submit applications from their mobile phones. Conversational messaging has become the preferred business communication channel around the world.

The upcoming version of the SMS-Magic Converse package, 2022 will be published soon.

With the upcoming version of the package, the sales, marketing, and admin users will now enjoy more control over their customer conversations. They will now be able to take charge and personalize user experience, manage multimedia conversation smarter, tame their conversation templates, find conversation flows easily with a search option, and level up their campaign game.

Moreover, they will be able to strike the right conversation at the right time, every time, and keep their conversations always on, with released enhancements preventing conversation interruptions and helping in faster issue resolution.

SMS-Magic is known for sophisticated, easy-to-use APIs designed for CRMs like Salesforce and Zoho.  The upgrades in the Early Release make those integrations even easier and give you more control over how you engage your customers.

Here’s Your Chance to Experience the SMS-Magic’s Early Release Preview

If you would like to try the SMS-Magic Early Release Preview in your sandbox, please complete this form. Our team will evaluate your org and contact you to discuss your setup. If it’s a go, our team will push the Early Release to your sandbox. And after you’ve had a chance to use the new version, we’d love to hear what you think!

Here is a glimpse of the upcoming release:

  • Enhanced User Experience: Personalize your user experience with additional role-based permission sets and organize the records detail page with conversation component resizing.
  • Multimedia Conversations: Send bigger rich-media files over instant messengers and set Salesforce as the storage location for them.
  • Tame the Templates: Enjoy quick access to org-wide templates from SMS-Magic Global Navigation
  • Find Your Conversation Flows: Search by “app name” or “PA-Key” and view workflows and flows linked with any Converse App.
  • Launch Conversations at Scale: Manage multiple high-volume campaigns directly from SMS-Magic Global Navigation.
Personalize Permission Sets Whenever admins would add new users and assign licenses to them, the application will prompt them to assign the required ‘Permission Sets’ (11 new permission sets) along with licenses so that users would be able to use SMS-Magic converse smoothly
Conversation Component Resizing Conversational messaging users will be able to better organize their record detail pages and be more efficient at work by adjusting the width and height of the SMS-Magic record detail page as per their screen resolution in the Lightning UI.
Store multimedia files to Salesforce storage Users exchanging rich media over conversations will be able to store files on Salesforce, and associate media files with Salesforce records.
Tame your conversations Template authors will have quick access to their org-wide templates, as Converse Templates will be added to the SMS-Magic global navigation.
Find conversation flows easily Conversation admins and automation users will be able to quickly find any message flow (e.g. an appointment flow), by searching the converse app by the app name or PA-Key XXXXXX.
Delete blank automation flows Users will be able to delete the blank automation flows so that the UI remains clean and reduces confusion during configuration.
Easily manage conversational campaigns Marketing users who drive conversational campaigns can easily manage multiple high-volume campaigns by installing and accessing the SMS-Magic campaign manager from the global navigation.
Track conversations from start to endRecord owners will get a holistic view of customer engagement by defining inter-object relationships for all conversation records and SMS History records.
Keep conversations always onConversation users and admins will be able to foresee and prevent conversation interruptions caused by human errors, OAuth failures, sync issues, and system downtime
Notification while editing/deleting messaging objects or templates that are in useConversation users and admins will be assured of the smooth running of their engagement workflows even as they try to modify or delete any configured objects and fields or conversation templates
On-demand syncingConversation admins will be able to keep their conversations synced with the CRM at all times
Track user activity in one placeConversation admins & auditors will be able to track SMS-Magic user activity in one place, thanks to the activity logs that will be introduced in the SMS-Magic portal
Enhanced coordination with SMS-Magic Support Team Conversation admins & power users will be able to collaborate better with the SMS-Magic team to resolve support issues. 7-day access (with or without PII or Personally Identifiable Information) to the SMS-Magic support team will be enabled to log into their org, to diagnose, and repair problems.
Share location pins while conversing from Mobile AppConversation users will be able to share exact locations while conversing with the help of the location pin sharing support
New message alerts from app icon notification badgeConversation users will be able to track unread messages better – anytime, anywhere, with the new notification badge on the SMS-Magic app icon

*Please note: The features are subject to change.

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