Version 1.68

Patch 1.68.15

Date: 17th August 2021

Bug fixed
  1. Issue: The customer was receiving a component error on the case record page

Fix: A component error was appearing every time the customer was trying to send a message from a case record. The package was upgraded from 1.68.9 to 1.68.14 but the component error was still appearing.

Although the component error was appearing, the customer was able to send SMS but for this, they had to close 4 to 5 error windows. The customer was getting an error as shown in the image.

There was a reference to the attribute “slashTagBackUp” in the JS helper file. This attribute did not exist in the component which was causing the issue. 

To solve this issue, the reference of this attribute was removed from the JS helper file.

Component error on the case record page1
Component error on the case record page2
Component error on the case record page3

Patch 1.68.14

Date: 14th July 2021

Bug fixed
  1. Issue: Customer was not able to install SMS-Magic package on Salesforce essential

While trying to install the SMS-Magic package on Salesforce essential, the customer was getting an error message, ‘Your request to install package “SMS-Magic Converse Winter2021” was unsuccessful. None of the data or setup information in your organization was affected.’ 

In CampaignManageControllerTest.cls an operation was being run on a Product object which was a Salesforce-provided object. This was causing issues in Salesforce essentials as this object was not present in Salesforce essentials.

To solve this issue, the Product object was replaced with Contact & respective fields

  1. Issue: Error during an attempt to de-reference a null object

The user was creating a Consent record by calling the Invocable method from the process builder. For Phone type compliance, if the user does not add Sender ID in the process builder & tries to run that process builder, it was throwing an error in the error log object, “Attempt to dereference Null object”.

In the consent service, the Sender ID was being searched & if Sender ID was available then only the channel code was being checked.

In this case, Sender ID was always blank and that’s why it was pushing channel code as null while creating the consent.

To solve this issue, after Sender ID & channel code was checked, a check was added to see if the channel code is null. If yes, then ‘1’ was assigned as a default channel code.

Patch 1.68.12

Date:  17th June 2021

Bug fixed
  1. Issue: User was receiving a Sound Notification for Incoming SMS even when the notification was disabled from the SMS-Magic Converse settings

The default value of attribute ‘isIncomingVoicePermission’ in conversationView component was set to true. In controller.js the value of this attribute was set only if the corresponding flag value in global settings was set to true. Due to this, the value of the sound notification setting configured in the converse setting was properly populating in the Converse desk component. Thus even if it was set to false, the sound notification was getting played on incoming messages.

To solve this issue, the default value of the sound notification attribute in the conversation view was set to false. With this, the sound notification was not received on incoming messages.

  1. Issue: Admin was not able to access the SMS-Magic Converse Settings

The customer was not able to access the Converse Settings and was receiving an error, “You do not have a License which provides access to this feature.” in spite of having the required license. 

The code was checking for the profile name of the logged-in user to be “System Administrator”. Thus even if the user had admin privileges, as the profile was not “System Administrator”, the user was not able to access the Converse settings.

To solve this issue, the unnecessary “System Administrator” profile check was removed.

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