Entrepreneurian LLC Partners with SMS-Magic

Entrepreneurian LLC, a consulting and implementation specialization company is partnering with SMS-Magic

December 10, 2021

PUNE, INDIA – Entrepreneurian LLC, a consulting and implementation specialization company is partnering with SMS-Magic to expand automated messaging capabilities for their portfolio of clients.

Entrepreneurian LLC are experts in CRM automation implementation and helping their clients reach a broader audience. The partnership with SMS-Magic will enhance their ability to contact a high number of leads while having an efficient back and forth with important clients. SMS-Magic’s solution provides compliant and robust messaging with simple CRM integration. 

“Texting is the most efficient way to communicate with customers and by integrating with SMS-Magic, I am able to set up clients with a complete call/text solution to automate regular text follow ups and notifications,” said Ian Imamura, CEO of Entrepreneurian LLC. “This includes click to call and click to text straight from their CRM.”

SMS-Magic is excited to partner with Entrepreneurian LLC to help their clients cut through the clutter of email and phone calls and build enduring relationships with their respective customers. 

“Traditional messaging falls short for high-stakes conversations,” said Tripp Wallace, Partner Account Manager – North America. “Messaging cuts through the digital noise we are bombarded with every day and provides the most personal and engaging way to communicate. We are excited to partner with Entrepreneurian LLC to bring messaging capabilities to their clients.”

About Entrepreneurian LLC

Entrepreneurian LLC’s mission is to help individuals and small companies use technology as a tool for business operations by keeping it simple, smart and cost effective. 

 Being an entrepreneur and experiencing the struggles of business ownership, time and financial costs can add up quickly as you try to find the right solution to do the actual work and be a productive force in any industry. We help people set up their operations systems to work more effectively and use the online tools to be most efficient with their work so they can make an impact with their team and customers. 

Visit Entrepreneurian.org to learn more.

About SMS-Magic

SMS-Magic is a powerful messaging platform that enables better business conversations across multiple channels including text messaging, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger. The company provides consent-based business-to-person messaging for high-stakes conversations and customer engagement at scale.

Visit SMS-Magic.com to learn more.


Lori Sutton, Vice President, Marketing