Conversational Text Messaging for Zoho

Converse for Zoho

SMS-Magic Converse seamlessly integrates with your Zoho platform, as well as any customizations, so that you can immediately begin driving conversations with your buyers.

Converse delivers conversational messaging that will engage more buyers, close more business and create ultimate customer service satisfaction.

Converse’s powerful technology increases the ROI from your Zoho investment. It’s simple to deploy, easy to use and delivers the most powerful messaging capabilities available today.

Zoho Users Love Converse

Converse for Zoho is a robust solution that delivers comprehensive messaging capabilities to Zoho users.

Converse for Zoho delivers our global messaging network, core messaging capabilities and conversations, seamlessly integrated within the Zoho platform. Zoho users benefit from:

  • Quick, efficient conversations
    • Immediately send Conversation from any object or record in Zoho
    • Immediately respond via Zoho records, objects or the Converse interface
  • Simple Conversational Messaging
    • Intuitive, familiar interface
    • Seamless access to all Zoho records, objects and data
  • Shared data and reporting
    • All data always in sync
    • Native reports include messaging insights

Fundamental Messaging Capabilities for Zoho include:

  • Conversations
    • Read/Unread Conversations
    • Templates
    • Merge Field Support for Templates with CSV
    • Reports
    • Contact Data Management
    • Multi-Lingual Conversations
    • Multi User model
  • 360 degree Conversational History
    • Individual conversations
    • Aggregate Conversations(e.g., by Company)
SMS-Magic Converse for Zoho

It’s easy to select the exact contact or list you want to message from Zoho.

  • Campaigns
    • Read/Unread Conversations
    • Templates
    • Merge Field Support for Templates with CSV
    • Reports
    • Contact Data Management
    • Multi User model
  • Global Compliance
    • Opt out
    • I18n
  • Global Delivery
    • Long and short message support
    • Inbound numbers
    • Dynamic Sender ID
    • Comprehensive Delivery Report

Once you select your recipient(s), simply select your template, edit your message content and send.

Advanced Messaging Capabilities for Zoho include:

  • Flexible Conversations and Campaigns
  • Seamless Object Integration
    • Single & Blast SMS/MMS from Any Object
    • SMS List on Object Related Lists
  • Scheduling of Conversations
  • Contact Data Management
  • SMS/MMS Templates
    • Merge Field Support for Templates on All Objects & Multi Objects

Converse for Zoho offers a 360 degree history of the entire conversation, with every contact.

Key ZOHO Feature support includes:

  • Zoho Recruit
  • Zoho Desk
  • Security
  • Zoho Europe
  • Native SMS Storage
  • Native Reports
  • Pardot and Marketo integration

See the Magic of Messaging

Once you experience the power of SMS-Magic Converse for yourself, you’ll wonder why you didn’t use it sooner.

Just click the button below to get a FREE DEMO or TRIAL download.

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