Best Practices in Conversational Text Messaging for Real Estate

sms-magic The way people communicate in their personal lives is changing. This is particularly true for millennials and Gen Xers, who by and large keep in touch by texting. They also make up the majority of today’s home buyers.

Conversational text messaging will also make your job easier and help you sell more effectively. SMS messaging platforms can automate a lot of your day-to-day inquiries, save you time, help you serve your clients better, and of course, help you close more deals.

In this whitepaper, we’ll share how you can make conversational text messaging work for your real estate business by:

  • Getting buyers to buy in to text messaging.
  • Guiding clients through the home buying process with messaging.
  • Writing effective text message conversations.
  • Automating the tedious documentation process so that you can focus on your buyers.

Real estate agencies that use proven best practices in conversational text messaging increase client satisfaction while becoming more efficient.

This whitepaper shares best practices for real estate, developed and proven with our leading real estate clients.

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Seamless conversations deliver that personal touch across your marketing, sales and service interactions.


Attract 70% More Leads Into Your Marketing Funnel

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Pre-configured campaigns
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360° conversation history
Automated rep worklists
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Increase Service Rep Productivity by 7X

Automated text-to-case
Automated customer updates
Resolution suggestions
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Robust Business Messaging Features

Automated Campaigns

Easily create automated messaging campaigns to nurture with drip content, progressively profile leads, promote events and more.

Rep Guidance

Rep guidance optimizes results from interactive messaging. Guidance, including worklists, automatic alerts, content templates, and custom lists allow your reps to more effectively respond to leads and resolve customer requests.

Out-of-the-Box Reports

Pre-configured reports and dashboards provide all the critical insights into your text messaging programs. Keep track of delivery and budgetary controls, rep performance, campaign results, and more.

Truly Salesforce Native

Converse is a truly native Salesforce text messaging application, featuring deep integration at an architectural level. That’s why we can make it so simple to configure everything from objects and user permissions to message handling and compliance.

Simple Wizard-Driven Configuration

Deployment is quick and easy with our clickable wizards that guide you to set up Converse just the way you want it.

Compliance Control

Converse guides you to automatically manage consent to meet TCPA,GDPR and other regulations. Never worry about opt-ins, opt-outs, or required audit trails. Converse has you covered.

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