Best Practices Guide to Text Messaging for Service

Service Guide 81% of customers are frustrated at being tied to a phone call or computer for customer service and 60% of those who have bad service experiences defect to competitors.Times have changed and the way companies offer customer support must keep pace. Customer service must meet expectations to inspire trust and loyalty so that clients stay with you. Especially given the ease with which customers can move between suppliers in today’s digital age. By adopting their preferred, interactive channels for accessing support and service, you create strong competitive advantage.
The Challenge
One of the biggest challenges in delivering responsive customer service is the overwhelming number of calls received.Another is the inconsistency of responses customers receive, as they often end up speaking to different representatives each time.Then there’s the challenge of timeliness. All to often, customer service requests come at odd times. This increases the chances of their being missed. If a customer chooses to walk away instead of complaining that you haven’t solved his or her problem, you may never even realize that you didn’t close a particular service request, or created an unhappy customer.This Best Practices Guide shares proven methods for leveraging conversational text messaging to respond and resolve customer issues in a fraction of the time, building customer loyalty and driving retention.

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