About SMS-Magic

SMS-Magic is a proven, global messaging platform with over 1,500 clients across 59 carriers. SMS-Magic enables Zoho CRM users to engage buyers and win and retain more new customer revenue while creating strong customer relationships that drive sustainable, competitive advantage. SMS-Magic is a popular messaging application on Zoho Marketplace.


The SMS-Magic Extension for Zoho CRM enables you to converse with prospects and customers easily. It gives you the ability to send and receive SMS messages from Zoho CRM. You can also automate messages using Webhooks, create SMS Templates with Dynamic fields, Manage Sender IDs, and view Delivery Reports for your messages.

Use this guide to learn how to install and configure the SMS-Magic Extension on Zoho CRM. You can also contact sales@sms-magic.com for more details and assistance.

Installing SMS-Magic on Zoho CRM

Follow the below steps to install SMS-Magic into your Zoho CRM account.

  1. To install this plugin, go directly to the SMS-Magic page, or visit the Zoho CRM Market place using the URL below and search for “SMS-Magic”:
  1. Click on the Install button. Confirm Installation.
  1. If necessary, log in to your Zoho CRM account, and then enter your valid Zoho CRM credentials 
  2. Go through the Terms of Service, check the box for I have agreed to the Terms of Service.
  3. Check the box for I authorize SMS Magic Interact to access and process my data as required, and click on the Continue to Install button 
  1. Choose the Users and/ or Profiles that you want to provide access to SMS-Magic Extension for. We recommend that you choose the option to ‘Install for all Users’. 
  1. The installation for SMS-Magic Extension on Zoho CRM is now complete, and you may now view the installed app in Zoho CRM Setup.

The SMS-Magic extension creates three Modules: SMS History, SMS Template, and Sender ID. It will also add a Send SMS button on the Leads and Contacts list view for your Zoho Org. Learn more by clicking the Details link in Setup > Customization in your Zoho CRM.

Once the installation process is complete you need to sign-up and configure SMS Magic with Zoho CRM.

Signup to Use SMS-Magic with Zoho

Follow these steps to sign up for an SMS-Magic account:

  • Enter details such as first name, last name, email address, country, CRM, and phone number in respective fields

Notes: Select Zoho as the CRM in the Select CRM drop-down field

  • Click on Next to proceed to the next step
  • The signup process will be complete and you will receive an email for verification as shown below:
  • Click on the ‘Confirm and Login’ button to confirm your email. You will get the below message:
  • You will then receive an email with login credentials and steps to connect and configure SMS Magic to Zoho CRM
  • Once the sign up process is complete, you will be able to login using the below page:
  • Select the Zoho Data Center from the Zoho CRM dropdown. If you have created your Zoho CRM account in –
    • U.S. data center i.e. crm.zoho.com, then please select Global
    • EU data center i.e., crm.zoho.eu, then please select crm.zoho.eu
    • India data center i.e. crm.zoho.in, then please select crm.zoho.in
    • Australia data center i.e crm.zoho.com.au, then please select crm.zoho.com.au
  • Choose the Data Center and you will be redirected to the Zoho CRM Login page. Enter your Zoho CRM credentials.
  • Click on the ‘Accept’ button to grant SMS-Magic access to the data in your Zoho CRM account. You will be Signed In to the SMS-Magic Web Portal and redirected to the Home Page:

Configuring SMS-Magic with Zoho

If you have logged in using Zoho CRM SSO, your account will be automatically configured with Zoho CRM.

NOTE: If you have not already installed the SMS-Magic Interact on Zoho CRM, click on Install and follow the steps mentioned in Installing SMS-Magic on Zoho CRM.

Re-login to SMS-Magic Web Portal, In the ‘Get Started’ section, click on the Configure Wizard to view the modules that have been created in your Zoho account.

Notes: Do not delete or modify any of the Zoho Module Names. These names must remain as-is for SMS-Magic to work correctly with Zoho CRM.

  • In the Button Configuration tab, you’ll find instructions on how to create the Send SMS button for Zoho CRM. 
  • The Automation tab provides information on how to use Webhooks to Send SMS Messages from workflows. You may proceed with these steps. 

Setup and configuration is now complete. You are all set to begin using SMS-Magic. To learn more about SMS-Magic Extension, please refer to our User Guide.

Add new user on existing SMS-Magic Account

Add a New User to your existing Zoho CRM account

  1. Login to your Zoho CRM account as an Administrator
  2. Go to Setup and select Users in Users and Control
  1. Add a new user
  1. Verify and activate the new user on Zoho CRM
  2. Login with this newly created user in Zoho CRM.

Add a new user to your existing SMS Magic account

  1. Login to your SMS Magic account as Admin User.
  2. Go to Account Info -> User Management. Click on Invite User.
  3. If you have enough Available licenses, you will be able to invite a new user. If not, kindly contact care@screen-magic.com to purchase more user licenses.
  4. Add the email address of users you wish to invite one by one
  5. The count of Available Licenses will keep on updating as you add users
  6. Click on Invite. All the users invited will be by default Standard Users.
  7. An Invitation email with Subject “You’re invited to join SMS-Magic” will be sent to the entered email addresses
  8. You can keep track of the invite status in the User Details table.

Follow the below steps to Join SMS-Magic on receiving an Invitation –

  1. Click on the Join SMS-Magic link in the Invitation Email.
  2. Fill in the details and Click on Register.
  3. Once registered, Click on Login, and it will take you to Sign In page of SMS-Magic.
  4. Sign In using Zoho CRM Single Sign On and start using SMS-Magic Web Portal services.
  5. Go to Account Info and check if the Account ID is the same as the Account ID for the SMS-Magic account of your business.
The Account ID should be the same after user addition. If there is a different Account ID in place the user was not added to the existing Account. Reach out to care@screen-magic.com if a new SMS-Magic account gets created.

Request Access to SMS-Magic Account

A Zoho CRM user of your organization can request access to SMS-Magic Account. When this Zoho CRM user logs in to SMS-Magic account using Zoho CRM SSO, if they are already not assigned a Portal License, then they can raise a request to get the license and access the SMS-Magic account. SMS-Magic Admin User can approve this request by assigning a Portal license to this user.

IP Whitelisting

If the Zoho customer has enabled IP restriction, then IP Whitelisting is necessary to access the SMS-Magic application. If the whitelisting is not done for the necessary IPs, then the Zoho customer will not be able to login to the SMS-Magic application.

To whitelist an IP, go to this link –

The following table shows the complete list of IPs that is to be whitelisted for Zoho customers:

US Customers EU Customers