Capture Customer Loyalty with SMS-Magic

sms-magic The timeframe for service response is shrinking. Just as the necessity for more effective service conversations is increasing. If your customer has to wait endlessly to be heard on calls and then has to repeatedly explain the issue to different service personnel every time he or she calls, they lose confidence in you. That’s when they look for an alternative.

One way that you can get ahead of the customer service curve is to implement conversational text messaging as a key component of your service response. In fact, research finds that customers prefer messaging over email and phone calls with service organizations.

Your customers feel more appreciated and you resolve customer issues more effectively when your service agents use conversational messaging.

  • You’ll respond immediately to let them know you care.
  • You’ll efficiently gather the information you need for faster resolution.
  • Your customer will always know exactly what’s happening with their request.
  • You’ll know exactly the type of experience your customers are having with your service agents.
  • You’ll grow customer satisfaction and loyalty.

In this whitepaper, you’ll learn how to use messaging to serve your customers faster.

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