Text messaging is a great way to communicate with your clients and patients about appointments, availability of reports and tests, new products and services and to share wellness tips… All through automated conversations.

Here are examples on how to manage appointments and promote your services.

New Client Promotion

Promote Your Services

Use an ad or web page to promote your services. Include an opt-in for an offer or information.

Compliant Opt-in

For new prospects, a Compliant Opt-in App automatically confirms their interest when they respond with the keyword.

Fulfill Your Offer

Use a Single Message to fulfill the CTA you used to promote the business, for example, send a coupon code for a discount off services.

Deepen Your Conversation

Automatically send a series of nurture messages that share wellness tips, insights about how your services improve health and other relevant information to your prospect.

Current Client Scheduling

Client Schedules Appointment

Your client can schedule an appointment directly with you OR you can send a message to have them schedule, with a link to a calendar. As soon as they schedule, a confirmation message is sent, followed by reminders. They can also change their appointment using the messaging app.

Share Updates

After their appointment, you can send messages to update them on the arrival of test results, a product they ordered etc.

Client Feedback

You can also send a survey question or questions to gather feedback on their experience with you.

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