User Guides for Converse 1.49

These User Guides are for the use of SMS-Magic’s Sales team as we work with customers for the Beta release of Converse 1.49. Each Guide includes two sections.

  • A video showing the How to relating to the Guide content
  • A Bulleted list of steps to accomplish the task.

More Guides will be added as the Converse 1.49 release is enhanced.

1. Converse Desktop Overview
2. How to Respond to a Message
3. How to Send a Message to a Salesforce List
4. How to Find Your Conversations in the Converse Desktop
5. How to Update Salesforce Objects from the Converse Desktop

Converse Desktop Overview

The Converse Desk is an intuitive, intelligent and simple user interface for managing any number of messaging conversations.

The Desktop features different sections that make it simple for user to send, receive, sort and respond to any number of messages from a variety of messaging campaigns, via Converse Apps.

This Guide offers a quick overview of the Converse Desk, including what each section does and how to use each section.

Upper Tabs: Click on Converse Desk to access user conversations.

Left Panel: Access and sort all conversations.

  • Sort by Campaign and status (e.g. Converse Apps) or
  • Sort by standard and custom Salesforce Objects and status.

Upper Right Panel: Shows the entire 360 conversation history with a specific lead or account.

  • Includes interactive conversations and automated messages.

Bottom Right Panel: Compose a new message to the lead or account.

  • Enter text, link to files, add emojis or send media.
  • View and Select To and From mobile numbers.

How to Respond to a Message

The Converse Desk’s intelligent and simple design makes it easy for users to reply to any number of messaging conversations.

This Guide shares how to respond to a single message from within the Converse Desk.

1. Locate the message that you want to respond to by using Search or Sorting feature in the Left Panel. Click on the Message.

2. When you click on the message, the upper right panel displays the entire conversation history.

3. Enter your reply in the lower right panel. When composing your response, you can enter:

  • Ad hoc text, or use a message template by clicking on the template+ box in the lower right corner.
  • Emojis
  • Media including video and images

4. Select the To and From numbers from the pop up menus at the top of the lower right panel.

5. Click SEND to send your message. It will appear in the upper right panel as part of the 360 Conversation History.

How to Send a Message to a Salesforce List

This Guide shares the simple steps to select a list, compose a message and send that message to your list.

It’s easy to send a Bulk Message to a list within Salesforce with Converse. You use your lists from Salesforce, and send the message directly from those lists. There’s nothing new you need to learn or any complicated actions.

1. In Salesforce, click on Sales and then Leads. In the dropdown box, Select Recent Lists from Dropdown, then select the List for Bulk Message.

  • Option: You can also create a New List and Select it

2. Select All List Records in the List View appears in left panel. Mark all Records in the List.

3. Select Bulk Message from Campaign. In the dropdown to the upper right under Send Campaign, select Bulk SMS.

4. Select your Converse App. You’ll be asked to associate the list with the Converse App you wish to use. Simply select that App  from the dropdown.

5. Compose Message in upper right panel.

  • Write a new Message or
  • Select Message Template from Dropdown above Message box.

6. Select Sender ID for this Bulk Message.

7. If MMS, select file to include in Bulk message. MMS supports a variety of file types including Animation: (gif), Audio: (amr & acc), Image: (jpg, png, jpeg & bmp) Video: (mp4).  Files can be up to 500 Kb Size Limit.

8. Send your Message immediately, or Schedule for future delivery.

How to Find Your Conversations in the Converse Desk

This Guide shares the variety of ways that Converse intelligently sorts and filters conversations so that you can quickly find and respond to your Leads and Accounts. You’ll learn how to quickly locate everything from Hot Prospects to Messages you haven’t yet responded to, thanks to the intelligence within the Desktop.

1. There are 3 ways to sort or filter your conversations to find specific types of conversations, or a single conversation. All 3 are accessible through the Left Panel of the Converse Desktop

  • The Search Box at the top of the panel lets you Search for any Salesforce Object or Record.
  • Converse Apps sorts conversations based on status within Application.
  • Objects sorts conversations based on Object and Status in Salesforce.

2. To Sort based on status within a Converse App,

  • Click on Converse Apps in the Left Panel.
  • Select the Converse App you wish to sort or filter.
  • Select the Status with the App that you want to filter.
  • Click on the conversation you want to work with and compose a response.
  • Compose and send messages in the lower left panel, below the 360 Conversation History.

3. To Sort based on Salesforce Object and Status

  • Click on Objects in the Left Panel.
  • Select the Object you wish to filter conversations in, for example Leads.
  • From the dropdown list, Select the Status you want to view, for example Hot Leads.
  • Click on the conversation you want to work with and compose a response.
  • Compose and send messages in the lower left panel, below the 360 Conversation History.

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  • Converse Desktop Overview
  • How to Respond to a Message

How to Update Salesforce Objects from the Converse Desk

This Guide shares how the tight integration between Converse and Salesforce makes it easy for users to update or Create Salesforce Objects directly from the Desktop.

This integration saves you time and eliminates the frustration of jumping back and forth between different applications and windows.

1. Start in the upper right panel where the conversation history for a specific lead or account is displayed.

2. Click on a message. A popup box appears with 3 dots at the end of each message. (Incoming and Outgoing)

3. Click the 3 dots, then select the Action you want to take within Salesforce for this Record.

  • The Actions are different for Incoming and Outgoing messages
  • Actions are also different based on your user permissions for this record.

4. When you select the Action, the record will open in a window that you can Edit and Save.

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