Convenient Healthcare Scheduling with SMS-Magic Text Messaging

Scheduling appointments, then reminding your patients a few days before, takes a lot of time away from front office staff. Then there’s the issue with missed messages, last minute changes and the chaos that creates as front office staff shuffle calendars and availability.

Conversational text messaging from SMS-Magic makes managing schedules and reminders part of a simple, personal conversation. Which makes your patients even happier.

Here’s how it works.

How to Set Appointments with Text Messaging

Using conversational text messaging to schedule appointments is simple. While some appointments are made in person at the end of a visit, others are often scheduled later. Using text messaging to schedule appointments is more convenient for patients, and it results in far fewer missed appointments or last-minute cancellations. Additionally:

  • Patients love the ease of scheduling an appointment or series of appointments, with immediate confirmation texted back to their mobile device.
  • Patients will pay attention to your appointment reminders via texting, since people read text messages 6x more than they respond to any other communication mechanism.
  • You’ll also make it easy for them to re-schedule appointments if they need.

Scheduling appointments with messaging generally follows these steps.

Please note: In the conversations below, green represents an automated conversation, yellow represents a 1:1 conversation.

Offer your patient an appointment calendar via text message. Simply send a message to an individual (or a list of patients) that includes the link to your online scheduling application.
Capture their appointment. Your calendar application integrates with your CRM to easily add the appointment to the patient’s record. When a patient schedules a time and their record updates, it will trigger an automated message campaign for confirmation and reminders.

How to Reschedule Appointments with Messaging

You can also offer an easy way to reschedule appointments through messaging. Here’s how.

In the above examples, you would change the content a bit as follows:

When a patient replies #CHANGE, the messaging is automatically triggered.

When the patient reschedules, an updated confirmation message is sent, and the reminder process is restarted. Reminders can be set to automatically send at whatever time intervals you want.

How to Remind Patients of Other Needs

Let’s say your patient needs to bring their new insurance card. Or perhaps you need them to list out their diet for a week ahead of the appointment. Or maybe they need to get some lab work done before they arrive. It’s simple to automate SMS-Magic to automatically remind patients of any of these needs, at the appropriate time before their actual appointment.


Scheduling patient appointments has never been easier. Thanks to the power of SMS-Magic messaging, you’ll save time and serve your patients better with message-based scheduling. You’ll also give them a simple way to ask questions, reschedule appointments and remember what they need to bring to their appointment. The result? Happier, more satisfied patients.

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