Recruit More Millennials with Text Messaging

Fifty-three[1] percent of hiring managers find it difficult to attract and retain Millennials. Millennials value intangibles like flexibility at work as much as tangibles like compensation.

Companies compete to attract quality Millennial talent, so how can you interest them first? Texting can help. Millennials like this form of communication because it’s real-time and interactive.

Build your client’s employer brand

Text messaging can help you build your client’s employer brand to attract Millennials. Whether you want to share a day in the life of an employee video or a link to a client’s career site, messaging it will ensure that you’re communicating the way Millennials do.


Reduce time-to-hire with texting

Millennial candidates respond faster to messages than to email. This helps you set up interviews sooner. You can also provide interview coaching, to reassure candidates and ensure the interview goes well. A well timed reminder text with directions on the day of the interview will help your candidate show up on time and at the right place.


Keep candidate engagement high

Surveys via texting have high response rates. You can take feedback from Millennial candidates after their interview, to know how satisfied they were with the process. Keep updating them by text message on the status of their application, so that they’re in the loop. Simultaneously, you can text your client to facilitate quick replies.


Nurture your talent pool

Send high value messages to Millennial candidates in your database, so that they’re predisposed to apply when a position becomes available. Career tips will help new graduates hone their interview skills and look to you for guidance as they launch their careers.


Building your client’s employer brand and hand holding throughout the interview process with text messaging will ensure you attract and engage more Millennials faster. Both candidate and client satisfaction are directly proportional to how promptly you and your fellow recruiters respond to them.


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