Using Text Messaging to Promote Events and Manage Meetings

Text messaging simplifies management and promotion for a variety of non-profit events and promotions. Since your donors tend to read your text messages, and you’re focusing on personal interests to attract and engage them, you’ll find that messaging promotions are very effective for events and more.

Anytime you need to promote and register donors for an event, or manage meetings, conversational messaging is your answer. Here are just a few examples:

  • Live events. Promote your live fundraising events with donors and more through messaging. Compel people to register with calls to action that offer them some kind of perk, then confirm their registration and remind them of the event, automatically. You can also send additional promotions to pique their interest and educate them about upcoming projects through messaging, after someone registers.
  • Webinars and online events. You can promote your event, register your donors, confirm their registration and remind them of the upcoming event through an automated conversation flow.
  • Meetings. Is your CEO or other executive visiting a city to meet with donors? You can reach out to offer them a personal meeting, confirm it and then remind them. Or you can schedule the meetings individually and then use messaging to confirm and remind them.

Following is an example of how to use text messaging to promote and register for an event, then increase event attendance by piquing donor interest.

How to Use Text Messaging to Promote Your Events

Use text messaging to invite donors to special events or programs or for volunteering opportunities at those events.

Please note: In the conversations below, green represents an automated conversation, yellow represents a 1:1 conversation.

Texting makes it so easy to keep your donors in the loop concerning key news and updates, fun announcements and progress reports and other areas that are of personal interest to them.
For example, use messaging to invite your alumni to a special fund-raising function, then remind them of the date and time and keep them interested with compelling updates and promotions.
When someone registers, the message flow is automatically started.
A new message is automatically sent every week until the week of the event. These messages can promote special aspects of your event, share key information and ask questions to deepen personal information. Here are some examples.

When a donor replies with a special request, Judy is immediately alerted and can step into a 1:1 conversation.

By meeting Pat’s personal needs ahead of the event, you further deepen your relationship. After all, donors give to organizations they like.

The Bottom Line

Text messaging saves time when promoting events. That means you have more time to work directly with your donors. It also gets more of your donors to the events, which means you have even more opportunity to learn about them, matching their interests to your funding opportunities.

Your organization can use the same automated messaging flows to schedule meetings, then remind donors about them. That makes managing a schedule less time consuming, so you can again spend more time with your donors.

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