SMS-Magic Conversation Flows

Text Messaging Use Cases

Real Estate

Our real estate clients use messaging to:

  • Announce new listings
  • Announce updated listings
  • Schedule showings
  • Schedule calls with realtors
  • Respond to client questions immediately no matter where they are
  • Automate the document flow of selling and closing a property
  • Subscribe clients to automated updates so they are always in the know on all properties that match their requirements

The following conversation flow shows how to use messaging to announce a new listing, schedule showings and respond to an individual client’s questions.

Dreamforce Text Messaging Conversation Flows 1


Our education clients use messaging to:


  • Introduce yourself and your programs
  • Share campus tours or calls with staff
  • Respond immediately to questions
  • Connect them with other students in their potential program to have personal conversations via messaging


  • Automate the flow of enrollment forms, information and updates
  • Automate financial aid applications etc


  • You can send announcements, share news, share exciting events, new videos, interviews and more with your student population through the power of messaging

The following conversation flow shows how you can recruit and share information, schedule tours or conversations, offer enrollment and support your students through the enrollment process with messaging.

Dreamforce Text Messaging Conversation Flows 2


Our Recruiting clients use messaging to:

  • Subscribe candidates to alerts for new opportunities
  • Alert select candidates to new jobs or job events that match their specific skills and interests
  • Answer questions from candidates quickly
  • Schedule interviews with candidates for themselves or their employers
  • Automate the hiring process, including documents and more
  • Onboard new employees
Dreamforce Text Messaging Conversation Flows 3

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