Conversations That Attract

Engage More Prospects

Converse with 600% more prospects thanks to the innate power of text messaging to attract new prospects.

  • Easily engage prospects with relevant information.
  • Build a trusted relationship with continuous conversations.
  • Qualify more prospects into your sales pipeline, faster.
Supports Complex Use Cases

As an IT analyst who has viewed many different products and integrations, this is one of the cleanest tools I have seen. The team at SMS-Magic has really managed to take something that needs to support complex use cases and create an amazingly simple and easy to use tool.

Jeb Garrott

Senior Operations Analyst, Full Sail University

Messaging is the New Conversation

When you blend relevant stories and information with the power of conversational text messaging, you can and will attract and engage with more prospects.

Research proves that the majority of your buyers would prefer to receive marketing communications through messaging, over any other channel.

This Best Practices Guide to Messaging for Marketing Conversations is packed with proven tips and techniques that will assure your marketing conversations attract more leads, share more relevant information and move more prospects successfully into your pipeline.

Read Messaging is the New Conversation for Marketing

SMS-Magic Value for Marketing

Conversational text messaging gives marketers a better way to get that first conversation with prospects, and to continue that conversation in the most relevant way.

Qualify More Leads

Our clients attract six times more new prospects when they begin to use our messaging solution. Right away, you’ll have more conversations.

With more leads, you need to quickly qualify them to focus on your best opportunities. With SMS-Magic, its easy to qualify every lead so that you can focus attention on those most likely to buy immediately.

Conversational flows make it easy to automatically nurture the rest with relevant content.

Get & Stay Relevant

What’s relevant to one prospect isn’t to another.

With messaging, you can easily ask your prospect just what they want to know. Since most people respond to text messages, they’ll tell you.

Once you know what they want, you easily create conversational flows for each of your prospect personas.

Then, you can automatically trigger the most relevant conversation flow as a messaging campaign to match each prospect’s needs.

By diving deeper into their specific area of interest, you’ll earn their trust.

360 Degree View

As you move prospects through your pipeline into the sales cycle,  sales reps and teams receive a complete transcript of every conversation between marketing and the prospect.

Sales reps will immediately know just what the prospect is interested in, the key information they’ve reviewed, the questions they’ve asked, the comments and requests they’ve made, and more.

Any member of your team with permission to see the prospect’s record can see a full 360 degree view of their history. So everyone knows what’s happening, and stays in sync.

Optimize Conversations

Advanced analytics let you know exactly what is working to move your prospects forward, and what’s not.

You’ll have key insights including which of your marketing team users are driving winning conversations, which conversational workflows drive the most conversions, which keywords attract prospects and so much more.

Experience the Magic of Messaging

Once you see the magic for yourself, you’ll be ready to leverage text messaging in your business.

Just click the button below to get a FREE demo or TRIAL download.

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