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Conversational text messaging is the fastest growing channel on the planet. Why? Because it’s a natural way to communicate.

  • Over 90% of your buyers would prefer to hear from you via message than any other form of communication.
  • 80% of people are already using texting for business.
  • 35% of these same people said they can’t go 10 minutes without responding to a text.

The most powerful feature in our opinion is the SMS workflow, which allows us to send relevant messages based on workflow rules/triggers, including time-dependent workflows. We are currently sending out automated messages for marketing to our clients, to gain more business, as well as many other custom alerts to let our customers know the progress on their orders/transactions. This is system is truly magic! We love it.

Dale Purdon

Director, ABC

Text Messaging Solutions

SMS-Magic gives marketing, sales and service professionals the most advanced conversational text messaging capabilities available today.

For nearly ten years, we’ve worked with over 1500 clients to define and deliver Best Practices processes and software that drive more prospect conversations, more customer conversions and stronger brand loyalty.

We offer advanced messaging solutions integrated with leading CRM platforms including Salesforce, Zoho, Marketing and Pardot, as well as industry-specialized CRMs.

SMS-Magic’s Converse messaging solution offers high value results for Marketing, Sales and Service organizations.


When you blend relevant stories and information with the power of conversational text messaging, you attract more prospect conversations and move them through your pipeline with relevant insights.

Using our messaging solutions, clients have increased their prospect conversations by 400-600% over email approaches.

Once you get that first conversation, you can qualify every lead so sales can focus on those most likely to buy, while you nurture the rest with pertinent insights.

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In a world where voicemails and emails go unanswered, how do you get your prospects to engage ?

SMS-Magic conversational text messaging is your solution. From personal conversations to automated campaigns that deliver just the right information to your prospects, you’ll build stronger relationships through relevant conversations.

Clients who embrace the magic of text messaging increase sales conversions by 40%

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81% of customers are frustrated at being tied to a phone call or computer for customer service. 60% of those who have bad experiences defect to competitors.

How do you quickly resolve customer issues, before clients look to your competition?

Leveraging messaging in your service conversations drives increased customer satisfaction, builds loyalty and resolves customer issues quickly and effectively.

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Experience the Magic for Yourself

Once you experience the magic of text messaging in business, you’ll wonder why you didn’t use it sooner.

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