How Wavelength Speeds Time to Hire with Messaging


Wavelength's locum doctor candidates opt to receive communication by text message


Wavelength’s recruiters use SMS-Magic to message their candidates

Wavelength is an award-winning medical recruitment agency, making over 4,000 permanent and locum placements per year. They have a proud 20 year history and have 42 recruitment specialists.


Wavelength needed to reach out to candidates quickly for locum jobs. They realized that candidates don’t check email as often as text messages. Time to hire was a key factor in the agency’s decision to use messaging to send new job alerts to candidates.

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Wavelength wanted a cost effective text messaging solution because they had to send a high volume of texts. The recruitment agency asked their Salesforce implementation partner, PeopleCloud to recommend a messaging solution.

PeopleCloud recommended SMS-Magic and Wavelength took a demo of the solution and then a trial. Satisfied with SMS-Magic’s price, functionality, and support, they chose it as their text messaging solution.


We text candidates when we’re not able to get hold of them and we need an answer really quickly. Our doctors are very busy and sometimes don’t have time for a five minute phone call. Being able to send them a quick text message means we can keep in touch without impacting on their valuable time.

- Terri Harrison Para Manager, Wavelength.


Fast Candidate Responses through messaging

Wavelength uses text messaging throughout the recruitment cycle, from informing candidates about jobs to sharing interview details and timesheet reminders.


Messaging Job Alerts

The agency primarily sends out text messages for locum jobs, for which it’s important to get a quick response to fill the position by the deadline. Wavelength recruiters segment candidates from their database of 50,000 by specialty and seniority. For instance, they could filter for their emergency medicine consultants and message them.

In their initial conversation with candidates, Wavelength asks them about their communication preference. If a candidate would rather be contacted by text message than email, Wavelength updates their database accordingly and sends messages. About 50% of their locum doctor candidates opt to receive communication by text message.

Each of the 42 Wavelength recruiters has a different number which they use to message their candidates. They often send a text to a candidate just to check in on them. Recruiters also send job ads as a bulk message, which are sent to 100-300 candidates at a time. These ads mention the location, dates, rates of pay, and a contact number.

Many candidates come back, wanting to fill the role advertised. Since the job ad on text is a snapshot, candidates often reply to the text message with questions, asking for more specific details, which the recruiter answers, also via text.



Reminder for Interview, Timesheet and Paper Work


Wavelength uses messaging to send candidates details about an interview with a client. They send an interview reminder via text to candidates two days before the interview and another reminder two hours before the interview.

Some recruiters send weekly timesheet reminders via message to candidates they have placed, so that they can complete their timesheets on time.

Also sends reminders to candidates by text message to submit paperwork.

The main thing for us with SMS is the speed to market. If candidates can receive an alert from via message that we have a new job, that’s much more accessible for them to read and respond rather than logging on to email.

– Terri Harrison Para Manager, Wavelength.

Business Impact messaging

Doctors are busy people and a text message helps Wavelength get their attention faster than an email. For locum jobs especially, the sooner a recruitment agency can get a response from the candidate, the faster they can place them. Messaging enables Wavelength to reduce their time-to-hire and increase both candidate and client satisfaction.

Quicker replies

Most Wavelength recruiters say that they get much quicker responses from candidates by text message.


Increased recruiter efficiency

Messaging has enabled Wavelength recruiters to reach out to more candidates, faster. Whether they want to send a one-to-one text or a bulk message, either option is faster than a phone call.


Greater convenience for candidates

Many candidates have told Wavelength that they find the agency’s messages helpful. It’s also easier for candidates to check their mobiles than log in to their email to respond.

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