Ochre Recruitment is improving the availability of urgently required doctors in ANZ hospitals through contextual conversations with candidates during COVID-19

Ochre Recruitment provides recruitment services to a range of hospitals & healthcare clients for temporary and permanent placements across Australia and New Zealand.


Ochre Recruitment needs to reach out to candidates across ANZ & beyond often in locations with patchy telephonic coverage. They were looking for a solution that allowed:

  • Multiple one-on-one conversations with a large number of potential candidates with predefined medical specialization.
  • A bulk messaging option accessible from their CRM dashboard for their operators and the ability to send, read, act on messages from their mobile/ CRM console for their recruiters.
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How Ochre Recruitment used conversational messaging from SMS-Magic to solve this problem?

2750 messages were sent in 6 months with requirements going out very fast to the relevant candidates from the CRM and in turn got super-fast responses from candidates.

Ochre recruiters have customised and super quick conversations with candidates – a competitive advantage in the recruitment industry.

End Result

By June ‘20 they had a response rate of 16% & 19% by September ‘20.

“SMS-Magic has been just a game-changer for the team & they absolutely love it. Our busiest recruiters are the ones that definitely love, appreciate, & consistently give feedback for the app.”

– Marina Tcholakova, Business Systems Coordinator, Ochre Recruitment


Benefits of using SMS-Magic

Here is how GRS used SMS-Magic messaging platform to reach people:

We had a new recruiter come on board who started using the SMS-Magic platform. When she used the platform for the first time in July, she sent out 500 bulk messages & got 100 responses! She was pleasantly surprised, came to me, smiled & asked ‘did I do something wrong, to get so much of a response!’ And I explained to her - yes this happens many times!

– Marina Tcholakova, Business Systems Coordinator, Ochre Recruitment


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Challenge 1

COVID-19 challenge


Due to the pandemic, no two days are the same for the Ochre recruitment team. Border regulations are continuously changing – requiring different responses from Ochre – and having messaging to communicate with the outside world through a CRM is a superpower.

Challenge 2

Last minute cancellations requiring new candidates to be found within 48 hours


What Ochre’s recruiters appreciate is that now they could be super-fast in urgent scenarios. A recruiter got an SOS from a client to recruit a backfill within the next 48 hours from within a state.

Ochre team did a quick lookup on Salesforce & got a specific list of candidates in the client location. Bulk SMS were sent to the candidates asking for interest as well as references.

This saved the Ochre team the task of calling a large number of candidates – the responses were analysed, the conversations happened and very soon the right candidate was hired and onboarded!.

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Challenge 3

Difficulty in updating client information and filtering them according to their needs.


Ochre Recruitment created a custom object in salesforce called doctor qualification. There are two fields with co-dependencies & validation rules helping them filter down on specialisation. This solved a huge requirement of medical recruitment – matching the unique specialised taxonomy of the medical profession.

Challenge 4

Ochre Recruitment wanted high responses for their ‘Crazy Socks 4 Docs’’ marketing campaign


‘Crazy Socks 4 Docs’ is a charity event celebrated on 6th June in ANZ where medical practitioners wear crazy socks to increase awareness about mental health and cheer themselves up.

Ochre Recruitment did a marketing campaign – sending their nattily branded socks to different medical practitioners all over the country. Then they sent out messages to them asking them to share photos which were then shared on the team’s social media handles generating awareness & goodwill among the community.

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