How HeyTutor is using contextual messaging to transform the learning experience for students by connecting them with the perfect tutor


Increase in response rate over
earlier email reach outs


Messages sent over the last one

HeyTutor is on a mission to make learning and one-on-one tutoring easy, accessible and affordable. Based in Los Angeles, it is an online platform where tutors,students and agencies can connect. Students/parents can select, search, schedule a call with potential tutors and can connect using “smart match”. Tutors can create their own custom profile, set their own rates and policies and browse for nearby jobs.


  • Due to COVID-19, schools were closed. Some parents had to return to work & unsupervised learning for their children was one of their major concerns.
  • In the wake of the pandemic, the problem was acute for students as they lacked the one-on-one support to bridge the learning gap.
  • With the increase in demand for one-on-one tutors, the market was growing. Heytutor wanted a two-way communication channel that could allow them to connect with busy parents and answer their queries quickly.
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HeyTutor had a unique value proposition of instantly connecting learners / parents to quality tutors – to get a perfect match for the student. This was backed by a rigorous selection process & constant review of tutors. Parents could interview the tutors and select the one that fit their needs the best.

To acquire new students:

With the help of SMS Magic they set up a smooth sales channel that allowed a two-way communication that worked with busy parents. The customer-first approach proved to be a game-changer.


HeyTutor used text messaging:
— to reach out to their potential clients as a marketing activity and
— to interact with them and answer their queries efficiently


SMS Magic’s platform & their Salesforce integration made sending personalized bulk messages super-quick and hassle-free.

Group 10

HeyTutor became more visible to the prospective clients.

Group 6

Response Rate

56% increase in response rate over their earlier email reach outs!

Group 6 Copy

Message Sent

137K messages sent over the last one year!

Group 6 Copy 2

Message Received

25K replies over the last one year!



High response rate

Reaching out to clients through emails and phone calls saw low response rates. Using an instant text messaging service, the response rates improved.

Reponse Rate

The Quarter Jan-March 2020, saw a spike in the response rate @ 26%!

message (2)

Better student acquisition rate

As students could see the text instantly - they were more likely to make decisions quicker which in turn speeded their acquisition.



Challenge 1

Lower response rate for email marketing campaigns


HeyTutor sent personalized text messages instead of email to market their services to the prospects.


They got 56% more responses by using text messages

Challenge 2

Difficulty in establishing an instant two-way communication channel


HeyTutor moved to two way text messaging wherein prospects could see the text immediately without having to log into their emails and instantly clarify their queries over live one-to-one messaging.


Live two-way messaging improved interaction and led to a higher conversion rate.


HeyTutor has a roadmap to use contextual messaging in other areas:


Improve communication
channels for activities
like assignments


Better community

chat (2)

Counsel students
and parents

team (1)

Recruit and onboard
more tutors

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