SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing – Nurture Campaigns

Imagine being able to profile your prospects as part of an ongoing conversation, then automatically deliver the nurture information that’s most relevant to them?

That’s the power of text messaging in marketing.

SMS Marketing Nurture Flow

Promote Your Products

A webpage, ad or other promotion offers a keyword opt-in to get a discount, information or something relevant.

Compliant Opt-in

When a client or prospect opts-in, the Compliance App automatically opts-in and confirms.

Fulfill Your Promise

Following confirmation, an automatic message delivers promised as part of the Opt-in promotion/CTA, using a Single Message App. For example, a discount code.

Profile Client Interest

A Profiling message asks a simple question to learn what the prospect or client is most interested in with regard to your products. You can ask multiple questions to personalize your SMS marketing

Share Relevant Information in a Conversation

Relevant nurturing conversations are triggered based on keyword responses, and SMS marketing continues to become more personal.

TECH Keyword

A multi-touch conversation flow triggers information concerning the technology aspects of your products.


A multi-touch conversation flow triggers with information concerning customer use cases and success stories.

ROI Keyword

A multi-touch conversation flow triggers with information concerning the business value and ROI your products bring.


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