NPS Survey

Text Messaging takes your surveys to a new level, since people like hearing from you, think you care and respond to your questions!

You can run a single NPS survey, as well as automate surveys that dive deeper into NPS issues to capture the details you need to soothe upset customers.

Here’s an example.

Immediately Ask How You Did

As soon as a ticket is closed, the Survey App triggers an NPS survey question message.

Survey responses are stored in the SFDC database/record for ongoing analysis.

Dive Deeper

In the cases of poor survey responses, you can use a progressive profiling survey to better understand the customer’s issues. You can trigger an automated flow to send them questions in response to negative NPS survey results, including using keywords to define more specifics about the issue.

Get Personal

At any time you can offer a personal call by using a keyword response. When the customer replies with this keyword, an alert goes to a manager, who can then offer options for connecting via a call.

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