First Response and Contact

Research shows that the first to respond to a prospect generally gets the business.

When you’re the first to respond with relevant insights and a customer-focused approach, you drive even stronger competitive advantage. That’s just what text messaging helps you do!

Here’s an example.

Immediate Alerts About a New Prospect

Conversational messaging can trigger a message or alert the minute your prospect takes action to engage with your business. This way you can respond immediately, in person or through an auto conversation.

Be the First to Respond

Conversational messaging solutions can automatically send an immediate message to that new prospect, introducing you as their sales agent and offering any other information you might want to send to them.

Immediately Offer to Connect

Let your prospect know you’re on it. Keyword responses can let them either get more information right away, or schedule a call with you.

INFO Keyword

A multi-touch conversation flow triggers with information concerning your products and company.


A Scheduling App automatically triggers, offering a calendar to schedule a call with you, then confirm the appointment and remind them at appropriate times.

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