Web-Based Advanced Text Messaging

SaaS Platform

SMS-Magic offers a SaaS Platform delivery model for companies who wish to use conversational text messaging via a simple-to-use web portal.

Our SaaS solution offers 5th generation text messaging capabilities that deliver significant value including:

  • Enterprise-class Messaging Network. Leverage a messaging network as powerful as any large enterprise to seamlessly deliver messages to 190 countries. You’ll know your messages are handled effectively and securely, with confirmed delivery in native languages.
  • Comprehensive Conversational Capabilities. Whether you want to send simple messages or create workflows to simplify complex conversations, we have all of the messaging features you need, developed over nearly a decade of messaging experience.
  • Data exchange with CRM and other solutions. Our portal empowers you to easily integrate your messaging with your CRM SaaS solution, sharing records to select lists and manage conversations.
  • Fast Implementation, simple scale. Simply log in, access the conversations you want and get started. When you need to grow your messaging, it’s as simple as can be. No need for expensive technical resources.
  • Cost effective global messaging. Whether you’re messaging in your own community or across the world, our Messaging Network delivers the lowest cost messaging available. Take advantage of our volume agreements with global carriers for your business.
Key Capabilities include:

  • Read/Unread Conversations
  • Templates
  • Merge Field Support for Templates with CSV
  • Reports
  • Contact Data Management
  • Multi-Lingual Conversations
  • Multi User model

360 Degree Conversational History

  • Individual Conversations
  • Aggregate Conversations (e.g., by Company)
Our SaaS portal makes it easy to send, receive, respond to and manage messaging conversations.

  • Scheduling of Campaigns
  • Read/Unread Conversations
  • Templates
  • Merge Field Support for Templates with CSV
  • Reports
  • Contact Data Management
  • Multi User model

Global Compliance

  • Opt out
  • I18n

Global Delivery

  • Long and short message support
  • Inbound numbers
  • Dynamic Sender ID
  • Comprehensive Delivery Reports
Creating a campaign is simple thanks to an intuitive user experience.
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Get a Demo of SaaS Text Messaging

The best way to experience the magic of text messaging is to see it yourself.  Click the above title and you’ll be able to schedule a demo or download a free trial. Our SMS-Magic experts will be there to help you along the way.