Case Studies

Higher Education

Case Studies 1

AIB Drives Student Enrollment with Messaging

AIB increases enrollment by enabling advisors to use messaging to engage busy working professionals on their terms.

Case Studies 2

Use Messaging to Increase Conversions by 35%

Learn how one of Australia’s leading enrollment brokers, used text messaging to increase their conversions by 35%.

Case Studies 3

Oral Roberts University Increases Response Rates with Messaging

ORU uses messaging throughout the admission funnel to grow enrollment and reduce no-shows to campus events by 90%.

Case Studies 4

Increase Enrollment Rates with Messaging

Mentors chat with low income students through messaging. An 87% engagement rate via texts resulted in higher graduation rates.

Case Studies 5

University Sees 15X Increase to Student Engagement

Northwest University dramatically increased student engagement by using text messaging to improve the application process.

Financial Services

Case Studies 6

A Mortgage Lender Increases Conversions with Messaging

A mortgage lender uses automated text messaging to improve prequalification renewals and disclosure alerts.

Contact Centers

Case Studies 7

Provide Excellent Customer Service via Text Messaging

Automobile manufacturer Renault uses messaging to deliver superior service to customers and increase customer loyalty. 

Product Sales

Case Studies 8

Tech Company Doubles Connection Rate with Text Messaging

Parkbench uses messaging to set appointments, talk with leads and capitalize on flash sales to sell website sponsorships.

Case Studies 9

Increase Sales Conversions with Texting

A global agricultural company uses messaging to close more deals, offer improved customer support and increase customer satisfaction.

Case Studies 10

Conversational Text Messaging is Key to Business Growth

A car leasing company uses text messaging for higher engagement with buyers, faster issue resolution and increased staff efficiency.

Case Studies 11

Get More Customer Engagement with Messaging

A SaaS company engages customers by sending text messages with offers, educational content, and service updates.


Case Studies 12

Wavelength Speeds Time to Hire with Messaging

50% of Wavelength’s candidates opt-in to receive text messages throughout their recruiting cycle, increasing hiring efficiency.

Case Studies 13

Increase Candidate Engagement Using SMS-Magic

Talent Rover enables customers to message candidates which increases productivity and reduces recruiters’ time-to-placement.


Case Studies 14

Using Text Messaging to Increase Conversions

Learn how GIVE increased prospect conversations by 60% and sales conversions by 30% with text messaging from SMS-Magic.
Case Studies 15

Improve Communication, Engagement and Success

Non-profit LifeMoves sends clients automated surveys by text message to learn how they’re doing. They average a 59% response rate!

Case Studies 16

Using Text Messaging to Raise HIV Awareness

African nonprofit Grassroot Soccer cost-effectively reaches students in remote areas with messaging.

Real Estate

Case Studies 17

Streamline the Real Estate Process with Text Messaging

Real estate agency uses one-to-one messaging and automated messaging flows to better engage with leads and customers.

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