New Job Announcement

You’ll accelerate your recruiting conversations with text messaging.

You can announce new jobs to known candidates and recruit new candidates all with the same campaigns.

Here’s an example.

Promote Your Opportunity 

For unknown candidates, ads and web postings promote the job, offering a Keyword to Opt-in for more information.

For candidates already opted-in, a message is sent about the job, asking if they’re interested, with a Keyword of Yes for more information.

Stay in Compliance

For new candidates, the Opt-in App automatically confirms their interest when they respond with the keyword. All opt-ins are maintained and managed within the Salesforce database.

Share Job Insights and Compel Action

For all candidates, a single message is sent that includes a link to job information and options for keyword responses to proceed.


When a candidate responds CALL, an alert is sent to the recruiter, along with the complete conversation history. The recruiter can then call or personally message the candidate, depending on their preference.


When a candidate responds with INTERVIEW,  it triggers an automatic Scheduling App to schedule and confirm interview, then reminds the candidate of the interview at your scheduled times.

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