Real Estate

New Property Announcements

Messaging makes it easy to automatically alert your clients to new properties that match their specific preferences.

You can also automatically Schedule a showing if they want, or your clients can let you know they want to talk to you and you’ll be alerted.

Here’s how it works.

Share New Properties

Using a Single Message App, an automatic message shares the availability of a new property that matches the clients’ interest profiles.

Give Your Clients a Choice

Using Keywords enables your clients to easily ask you to CALL them, or to SCHEDULE a showing.


When a client responds SCHEDULE, the Scheduling App is automatically triggered, sharing a calendar link to schedule a showing. After the client schedules, confirmation and reminder messages are automatically sent.


If the client responds CALL, an alert is sent to their agent, along with the full  conversation history. Your agent can then personally message or call the client, depending on their preference.

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