Financial Services

Fund Raising Announcements and Events

As a non-profit, how do you get above the noise with everyone clamoring for your donors?

Text messaging is the answer. Here’s an example.

Share New Projects

Using a Single Message App, an automatic message shares new projects and fund raising information, then asks if the donor is interested, using keyword response.

INFO Keyword

Triggers a Nurture App to deliver more details about the project.

CALL Keyword

Triggers an alert to a rep that a donor wants to have a phone conversation.

Schedule a Call

A rep can either message the donor, call them, or trigger a Scheduling App to automatically manage the scheduling process.

Compel Action

At the end of the Nurture campaign, you can offer a keyword response to SCHEDULE a conversation with the donor about the project. When the donor replies SCHEDULE, the App is automatically triggered.

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