Tipping Point Consulting Chooses SMS-Magic for Strategic Salesforce Partnership

October 17, 2022

PUNE, INDIA – Tipping Point Consulting, a premier CRM consultancy for nonprofits, announces its partnership with SMS-Magic, a leading conversational messaging platform. Tipping Point Consulting will be offering SMS-Magic’s effective messaging services to its nonprofit and education clientele through their existing Salesforce dashboards.

Tipping Point Consulting is a boutique Salesforce consulting firm based in Indianapolis. Its team of professionals works with nonprofits and schools to use Salesforce for fundraising, marketing and programmatic needs, workflows and pain points.

“We’re partnering with SMS-Magic because we have seen firsthand the value of Salesforce-based text messaging for clients using Salesforce,” said Abby Hayes, President of Tipping Point Consulting. “With SMS-Magic, messages will be synced with Salesforce, ensuring we don’t lose track of interactions. We know this partnership will allow for more powerful data and tools for our clients.”

“Nonprofits and education are two of the core verticals at SMS-Magic, so uniting with Tipping Point Consulting was an obvious benefit for both companies,” said Tripp Wallace, Partner Account Manager – North America at SMS-Magic. “With many nonprofits and schools using text messaging to engage stakeholders, our conversational messaging platform enables transformational relationship management. Tipping Point Consulting and its clients will be able to leverage our solutions for key decisions and we look forward to working with them.”


About Tipping Point Consulting

Tipping Point Consulting is a Salesforce Consulting Partner providing best-in-class Salesforce implementation and managed services exclusively for nonprofits and schools.

Visit tippingpointconsultingllc.com to learn more.

About SMS-Magic

SMS-Magic is a powerful messaging platform that enables better business conversations across multiple channels including text messaging, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger. The company provides consent-based business-to-person messaging for high-stakes conversations and customer engagement at scale.

Visit SMS-Magic.com to learn more.


Lori Sutton, Vice President, Marketing