Strengthen Your Sales Pipeline with SMS Messaging
The company that responds first, gets 35% to 50% of sales. SMS messaging helps marketing respond faster to inquiries than your competition. Getting there first gives marketers more opportunity to develop sales-ready leads to pass to your sales team. The right conversation history lets salespeople know exactly what’s important to the lead, what they need to know, and how to quickly close the deal.

To ensure a quick and relevant response, it’s important for the sales team to continue the conversation with the lead from where marketing left off, without missing a beat. That’s easy to do with texting because the messaging thread–or conversational history–for a specific lead can be accessed across departments, all within the CRM.

If marketers toss leads to salespeople without context, it’s tough for the sales rep to convert them. Access to the prospect’s conversational thread makes it easy for the assigned salesperson to check which marketing content her prospect has received, what questions the prospect has asked and any other key information available so that she can reference relevant points in her conversation.

How marketing and sales seamlessly converse with a prospect via SMS messaging

The marketing team for a fictional investment advisory company, Growth Investments, developed information kits for its various investment fund products on its website. Analytics showed Growth Investments that conversions were higher when their prospects had accessed a kit on their website.

However, hundreds of warm leads downloaded this information kit daily, so the Growth Investments marketing team needed to further qualify them. Emails to prospects only produced a 6% response rate. They knew there had to be a better way.

The marketing team decided to explore new options to grow engagement. They chose to incorporate text messaging because research shows that it has at least a 45% response rate from a near-perfect open rate of 98%. Analytics that track prospect behavior informed marketers which information kit each prospect had downloaded. This enabled them to send personalized texts to the prospect, after they validated that the prospect matched the Growth Investments buyer persona.

Sales text message samplee

Responses to texts like these were 7X higher than the response rate for emails with similar content. The prospect’s readiness to be contacted was the trigger for the handoff from marketing to the sales team. Workflow rules in the CRM ensure that when a prospect responds with “Yes” to the message that Vivian, a salesperson, is notified in real time. This makes it easy for Vivian to pick up the conversation immediately. The relevance of her message, thanks to conversational histories, helps to continue the conversation.

Vivian texted John date and time options so that she could speak with him at a time of his choice. When Vivian spoke to John, she began by elaborating on the Super Saver information kit that John had downloaded, which helped John recall his last interaction with Growth Investments.

Tactics like these help the sales team to gauge the readiness of the prospect to purchase… and accelerate their time to close the deal.

Businesses are 67% better at closing deals when the sales and marketing teams work together, according to Reachforce research. SMS messaging campaigns are an effective means to improve marketing and sales alignment, as well as to strengthen your sales pipeline.

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