Accelerate Sales with Text Messaging
Prospects have taken control of how they buy, forcing salespeople to adopt tools that can match their needs and preferences—including the use of text messaging to engage in business conversations.

The traditional tools your sales team relies on likely include cold calling and emailing. But phone calls go to voicemail more often than they’re answered and responses to email are a fraction of what your sales team needs to grow your business.

It’s time to consider arming your salespeople with text messaging to shorten your sales cycles.

Here are just a few reasons why:

  • Text messages, on average, are read, in less than five seconds
  • 90% of leads prefer to receive messages vs calls from a sales rep

No wonder, those who have embraced the power of text messaging find that their sales conversations have increased by 40%.

A Use Case for Using Text Messaging for Sales

Let’s take a look at how Jeff, the Head of Sales Operations for a SaaS technology company implemented SMS / text messaging to improve the effectiveness of his sales team.

Challenge: With so many leads trickling in every single day from multiple sources, Jeff’s team found it extremely challenging to engage and nurture leads, who were in different phases of the sales cycle. The volume of leads made it difficult to keep track of the different conversations going on with each one.

Opportunity: Jeff learned that a colleague was using an advanced text messaging platform integrated with his CRM to help his sales team have more conversations with leads, as well as to track conversational histories to keep them apprised of pipeline momentum. It made his forecasting more accurate, which Jeff saw as a huge opportunity to improves sales operations.

To take advantage of the potential with text messaging, Jeff implemented an advanced text messaging platform and set up:

Please note: In the conversations below, green represents an automated conversation, yellow represents a 1:1 conversation.

1. Automated text messages to immediately respond to lead requests

When a prospect signs up for a free trial of CrossX a lead record is created in the CRM. The lead’s status of Trial triggers an automated text message to welcome the lead and introduce them to their sales rep. The welcome message includes information, based on the lead’s industry, to begin the conversation.

Here’s an example of the text welcome message:
2. Consistent, relevant SMS messaging conversations to stay top-of-mind with buyers
Jeff knows that the more a prospect uses the free trial, the more likely they are to convert to a customer at the end of the trial period. This means it’s important that sales reps regularly touch base with leads. Given the daily workload of his team it wasn’t feasible to expect them to do manual outreach. Jeff set up an automated nurture program and based on the lead’s industry and use-case, Jeff periodically shared links to relevant content via texts.
3. Automated reminders to increase demo attendance

Jeff also found that there was a direct correlation between prospects who attended an online training session and a sales conversion. Unfortunately, he also found that these demos had an exceedingly high no-show rate, which reduced closure rates and wasted the sales rep’s time.

Jeff implemented automated reminder messages for online trainings. When the prospect registered for training, he was sent a confirmation text. Sequential reminder messages were delivered at appropriate intervals. The lead was given an option to either confirm or reschedule the training by replying to the reminder messages. This message flow helped Jeff’s team increase attendance rates for training sessions, allowed sales reps to reinforce the value for the lead, and increased customer acquisition.

4. Analyze and Optimize Text Messaging Conversations

Advanced analytics provided Jeff and his team with powerful insights into which content motivated leads to take action. Overwhelmingly the use cases and case studies proved to be the most engaging content in addition to the online trainings.

Using text messaging, Jeff’s team transformed their ability to manage more leads and accelerate sales as they were able to:

  • Consistently keep in touch with leads
  • Step in and respond personally when a lead texted INFO
  • Identify the content that drove more leads to buy


Text messaging is an effective communication tool to get sales reps in more prospect conversations. With 64% of buyers claiming to have a positive perception about companies that converse via messaging, this is one tool that sales teams can’t afford to ignore.

To learn more about how you can use SMS messaging for business, Book a Demo Today.

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