SMBs Improve Customer Service with Business Text Messaging
Nearly 90% of customers waste a full 24-hour day on hold each year, according to the 2018 Customer Service Messaging Trends Report. Consequently, customers are demanding easy, convenient and efficient ways to engage with the companies where they do business. Unfortunately, businesses have yet to deliver what they want because, when an issue arises, your customers would rather procrastinate than sit on hold with a call center.

This presents a huge opportunity for SMBs to improve the service they provide to their customers while building better relationships and loyalty at the same time by offering service via business text messaging. The report found that 79% of consumers aged 18 – 34 would prefer to contact companies using channels other than phone and 55% of all consumers asked say they prefer to use a form of messaging.

Customer Service Challenges for SMBs

Business text messaging aligns nicely with your customers’ preferences, but then there’s the question of how to help your agents deal with potentially hundreds or thousands of messaging conversations all at once.

When you consider the top 3 customer service challenges for SMBs, it’s easy to understand how adding another customer service channel might look daunting.

The top three challenges SMBs face with customer service include:

  • Lack of resources
  • Customer-level visibility
  • No integration

The good news: An intelligent text messaging platform will enable you to answer these challenges as your agents respond to more customers and resolve their issues faster, without the need to increase agent headcount or extend a contact center’s hours of operations.

Business Text Messaging Gives Customers (and SMBs) What They Want

Let’s knock off the challenges for both customers and companies one at a time.

  1. No integration
    Converse is an intelligent messaging platform that integrates seamlessly with the Salesforce CRM, ensuring that all your messaging conversations and related data are stored and protected within each customer record. In turn, your agents have the information they need to serve your customers from the start of the case to its resolution. They also enjoy an intuitive, intelligent Desk, integrated within Service Desk, to effectively manage the volume of conversations and case data shared by customers.
  2. Customer-level visibility
    The embedded Desk also creates intelligent worklists so that agents know which conversations need responses. Agents contextually search for specific conversations, so they never miss a case response again. When viewing the case conversations, agents see the entire conversation history for that case, as well as any related conversations with this customer. Ease of use reduces time and effort for the agent and allows them to better serve customers. Access to complete information provides context and background for the customer’s issue so they don’t have to repeat themselves if other agents take over their case.
  3. Lack of resources
    Agents using SMS text messaging are 2.2 times more effective than voice agents, managing upwards of 10 text messaging conversations simultaneously. The familiar Desk allows them to move quickly between conversations and records without missing a beat.
  4. Easy, convenient, and efficient service
    Give your customers what they want by posting a keyword and short code number they can text to submit a service request. When the text is received, a case will automatically be created in the CRM and a case acknowledgement texted to the customer. With Converse, you can also automate case updates to your customers, so they always feel informed and up-to-date. You can even automate a survey when the case closes to gather immediate NPS or other feedback from your customers, increasing your effectiveness.

Delight Your Customers While Lowering Your Costs

Business text messaging has been proven to result in higher customer satisfaction (CSAT) scores. But it’s also lowered operating costs for customer service by deflecting more costly voice and email interactions to text messaging through self-service mobile channels. Just think of the upside when, instead of $10 per call, your agents are serving and satisfying customers at 10 cents per message.

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