Simplify Effort with SMS for Customer Support
Businesses are no longer compared just to their competitors. They are compared to any other business outside of their industry that provides a great service experience, says customer service speaker and author, Shep Hyken. Companies like Starbucks, Amazon, and Apple are raising the bar for customer service. We all need to up our games to keep pace with customer expectations. Even if you don’t have the resources these companies have, you can use a simple communication method like SMS for customer support to delight your customers.

We text those close to us to keep in touch. Businesses that show consumers they care about things that are top of mind, like that support call, will move ahead. That’s just what SMS for customer support empowers you to do.

Calls require greater effort than SMS for customer support

Stressing your customers out is not customer service. Your customers simply want a resolution to their problem. Yet the very call is often the biggest frustration.

“I can’t hear you.” These four words irritate both the speaker and the listener in a phone call. Multiply that irritation by 10 when it’s a contact center. Being a call center agent is stressful. Texting makes it possible for both your customer and agent to converse with the other party easily and reliably.

“Press 1 for X, 17 for Y” is another frustration for many customers who find themselves stuck in your IVR. Keyword-based SMS workflows make it easy for your customer to pick the option he wants before he starts texting.

How Keyword-Based SMS Workflows Simplify Customer Effort

Meet David, a customer of a broadband company, Infinity.

Infinity can share keywords like INSTALLATION, CONNECTIVITY, or BILLING with their customers, so that their complaints reach agents dedicated to these areas faster.

If David is waiting for the installation guy to show up, he can text-

INSTALLATION Your guy was supposed to show up on Thursday but hasn’t come yet.

An instant acknowledgement from a preset template reassures him that Infinity’s listening.

Hi David, Sorry to hear that. Bryan will call you within 24 hours to reschedule your installation. Best, Infinity.

So your customer service rep Adam doesn’t need to lose his voice saying the same script over and over again. He can just pull up the appropriate template, use merge fields to personalize it and send the SMS text message.

All of the texts sent are logged in your CRM on the customer’s record, making it easy to track and respond to your customers without making them repeat themselves. Now that Infinity has been installed for David he might face an occasional connectivity issue. Six months down the line, while attending to a connectivity issue that David has raised, Adam notices that David’s consistently overshot his data plan for the last three months.

So, Adam schedules a text to be sent to David on the last day of his billing cycle.

Hi David, Want a plan with more data? Get 20% off our Infinity & Beyond Plan if you act today! – Adam

Sure enough, David immediately went for that plan.

SMS for customer support makes your customers and agents happier. It is asynchronous, so your agent can reply to a text a customer sends about an issue within the context of that conversation. If your agent needs more information about the problem, your customer can reply when convenient, reducing their effort.

The convenience, low effort, and relevance of texting helps you build lasting relationships with customers. Messaging enables you to bypass the primary issues that give calling a contact center a bad name. Combining SMS for customer support with CRM data makes it easy for your service agents to proactively meet customers’ needs. Isn’t that what customer support is all about?

Eighty-five percent of customers buy more when they receive personalized service. SMS for customer support can not only result in happier customers, but a higher customer lifetime value.

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