Start Sales Conversations Straight from Your CRM
For every dollar your management invests in a CRM system, they expect you to get more than a 5X return. How can your sales team contribute to this ROI? By ensuring that every salesperson embraces CRM as an inherent behavior. Integrating business messaging with your CRM is one way to help salespeople embrace the CRM as a powerful sales tool.

“No matter what CRM you’re using, driving a culture of CRM usage is the key to CRM success.”
– Steve Roch, founder of CRMCulture and creator of popular Salesforce app ActionGrid.

How do you get the sales team to adopt your CRM as a behavior?

Successful reps can quickly sniff out processes that do not contribute to making their quotas. Sales reps will embrace CRM when you demonstrate how CRM makes them more successful. Business messaging that drives near-immediate response will get them in more conversations that drive engagement with prospects.

The value of CRM is often misunderstood by the sales team

The most important goal of a salesperson is to win the deal. They see the time spent entering data, updating CRM with call logs, and other tasks as time wasted. What a salesperson really wants to spend time doing is selling.

But connecting with prospects is becoming more drawn out and difficult. Research shows that 80% of sales require 5 follow ups but 44% of salespeople give up after the first follow up. Regular follow up channels like calling and email have discouraging response rates of 4.8% and 20% respectively.

Business messaging solves this problem by adding demonstrable value to the CRM. With an open rate of 98%, texting is becoming the most preferred medium of communication with customers. Just think how long it takes between your phone chiming for an incoming text and your hand moving to access it. Today’s customers are becoming more attuned to receiving texts from businesses.

When you show your sales reps how quickly and easily they can begin and continue prospect conversations via messaging, they will understand the value.

Integrating texting from CRM can help fill two needs with one deed

When you add texting as a conversation option in your salesperson’s arsenal, you will see your customer’s response rate escalate.

Integrating text messaging with your CRM also allows both salespeople and managers to see all messaging conversations directly within the CRM. Access to up-to-date and actionable insights to lead quality and pipeline velocity are readily available.

A Case in Point for Business Messaging

A leading financial service company, Pluto, was able to maximize CRM adoption across its sales team by simply integrating text messaging within its CRM and adding a mobile opt-in on their loan request form.

Here’s the value-add the sales team recognized after adding text messaging.

1. Prioritizing Hot Leads

The sales team at Pluto was allocated hundreds of new leads daily. The team was tasked to do a background study of each lead before calling. Since the team had to make so many calls, information about clients would get mixed up. Some leads had to be called multiple times, which would take hours. The salesperson also had to update the CRM with details about each call.

After integrating business messaging with the CRM, each salesperson started his day by sending a text message to all the leads assigned to him to schedule a call in response to their loan request.


Based on the responses, the salesperson had his priority list of hot leads ready within minutes. Since all the lead responses were directly stored in the CRM, the lead status could be automatically changed to hot. The salesperson now easily prioritizes which leads to research first and is focused on closing the most responsive leads first.

2. Managing Multiple Leads

Managing the regular inflow of new leads daily and keeping the older leads engaged is a challenge that most sales teams face. With integrated business messaging, the sales team at Pluto can now converse with multiple leads simultaneously. Each messaging conversation is located within a different tab, allowing them the agility to move between messaging conversations as needed. Based on each lead’s information request, the rep can also quickly share links from the ‘Resource Base’ saved within the CRM.

3. Tracking all conversations and behaviors, both current and past

One of the hardest things to do is to keep track of a prospect’s status, including who said what to each prospect, what information a prospect has seen, and how they’ve responded to different topics. With integrated text messaging, the sales team has access to a complete conversational history for each prospect. If a sales rep happens to be on leave, and someone else is assigned his leads, it’s easy for the new rep to quickly scan the thread and place the lead in the appropriate stage of the sales cycle, respond to inquiries and keep the prospect moving through the pipeline.

This history also can be used as a prompt for sales reps to quickly gauge the opportunity behind current prospects and share instant offers to accelerate time to sales.

4. Meeting Reminders to avoid ‘no shows’

No shows at meetings are nightmarish for all sales reps. Apart from wasting time and energy, ‘no shows’ have an opportunity cost tied to them.

With integrated text messaging, the sales team at Pluto sends automated reminders before the calls asking the prospect to confirm or reschedule.


By knowing the status of all the confirmed meetings well in advance, the sales rep can optimize his time. The sales team at Pluto sees definite value in using business messaging within the CRM to create sales conversations that drive business growth.

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