Marketing – Progressive Profiling

Progressive profiling can be a useful tool in capturing more information about your prospects and buyers. That means you become more relevant and personalized in your communications, which buyers love. With messaging, you can ask questions about a wide range of topics, users reply with simple Keywords and you learn more and more about their individual preferences. Here’s an example:

Product Preferences

You can ask simple questions to determine which product offerings most interest your buyers. Using these insights, you can tune your outbound communications and offers.

Buying Preferences

Do your buyers prefer web or 1:1 shopping? Do they want credit or prefer cash? Do they prefer to buy in volume for discounts? Ask all this and more to tune your model to meet their needs.

Personal Information

Everyone likes it when vendors remember special days. So ask your buyers to tell you their special days, then set up an automated campaign to send a message with a discount or other offer on those days.

Loyalty Preference

Don’t assume your buyers want points. Ask them how they want to earn from buying from you.


The advent of GDPR makes it harder for marketers to collect some demographics about buyers. Learn about their geography, business profile and more, simply by asking.

All responses are appended to the SFDC record for analysis and modeling, as well as to refine other messaging strategies to your audience.

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